Quiz - Which member of the Baby-sitters Club are you?

If you haven't heard of (or read) the Baby-sitters Club series, it's a definite must—especially because the classic books have just been released as new graphic novels (!!). And, just like in every girl group, there are *lots* of different personalities—cool-and-collected Kristy, mild-mannered Mary Anne, crafty Claudia, sassy Stacey and easygoing Dawn. But which one are *you* most like? Take the quiz below to find out your status in the sitter squad.

But first, a sneak preview of the latest Baby-sitters Club book, Dawn and the Impossible Three...
In the fifth book, Dawn, aka the newest member of the club, is super excited to tackle her first task—but she is *definitely* not ready for the clutter and chaos of the Barrett family. Can she handle being part of the Baby-sitters Club...or was joining a major mistake? 

To find out if she flourishes or flops—and to learn from her successes and slip-ups—snag your copy HERE or in bookstores everywhere on Sept. 26th.


It's your turn to choose the Friday night activity. You suggest...


Your friends always come to you for...


When you and your squad are at a party, you...


For your BFF's birthday, you get her...


You and your friend had an argument over the weekend. What's your next move?


Pick a meme to send to your besties.