Quiz - Which Knight Squad girl are you?

This quiz is sponsored by Nickelodeon.


Question: Who ever said that a knight in shining armor had to be a guy? Or that the shining armor couldn't actually be a very stylish pair of brocade boots?


Answer: No one, which is why we heart the mega-inspiring and fierce girls Ciara (Daniella Perkins), Prudence (Lexi DiBenedetto) Buttercup (Savannah May) and Sage (Lilimar), on Nickelodeon's newest comedy, Knight Squad.


The magical and mystical show follows these knights in training as they put their strength and smarts to the test. Ciara, the leader of the Phoenix Squad, is bold with a bow and arrow—and hiding a *huge* secret. Prudence is the one quarter giant who's as kind as they come. Sweet-yet-punchy Buttercup is always optimistic. And then there's Kraken Squad leader, Sage, who's quick-witted and spear-savvy. So which one are you? Take the quiz to find out!


Then, tune in to Knight Squad on Nickelodeon to see the girls in action.


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