Quiz - Is your crush flirting or just being friendly?

We’ve all had that crush that is always sending mixed singles. It’s hard to figure out whether he’s just being friendly or if he actually likes you. Sometimes friendliness can come of as flirty, but you need to consider all of the interactions the two of you have had in order to figure out whether he actually likes you or not. Take this quiz and we’ll help you figure it out!


When you see your crush in the hallway between classes he...


You and your crush have a class together and our seats are right next to each other. He’s always...


When you see your crush at the end of the day on Friday, he...


You’re out to dinner with your family and you see him at the same restaurant with all of his friends, what does he do?


The big school dance is just around the corner and you don’t have a date. What happens?