We dare you to try these 4 crazy brow trends

Makeup trends come and they go. But ever since the rise of #eyebrowsonfleek, brows have been getting a lot more attention in the beauty world. Bored with the traditional heavy fill and fade look we've painstakingly come to perfect, makeup enthusiasts have come through with some eye-popping looks that just may make it into your beauty routine. Or not. Take a look and see which looks are cute or just plain crazy.

Squiggly brows
Arguably the most controversial of the brow trends. While there's evidently some serious skill going into this look, we don't know if will be riding this wave outside of the house.

Barbed wire brows 
This look is hardcore, or at least trying to be. Not sure if it's quite barbed wire, maybe a "just waking up and I didn't even smooth my eyebrows down yet." Crazy as it seems, we're not mad at it.

Rainbow brows 
This fun brow look is really breaking boundaries. It seems simple, but who would have thought to color their eyebrows? From this subtle blue to black ombre look to a full on ROYGBIV rainbow, these brows are definitely making a statement.


Glitter brows 
It didn't seem like rainbow brows could be topped, but lo and behold, they added glitter. This look will drop jaws at any party, music festival or if you're really bold, just a regular day at school. It's a commitment though (have fun washing off all of that glittery goodness!).

Which one of these looks would you try? Let us know in the comments.

Photo credit: Urban Girl, POW Today, Pinterest.

by Cydnii Jones | 10/18/2017
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