Your guide to the hottest spring nail trends

If you're anything like us, your nails change as quickly as the seasons. If you want upgrade your spring mani from the same old pastels to something more unique, check out these adorable trends for April and beyond...

Purple haze


While deep purple tones are great for the colder months, we're big fans of lavender and lilac for spring. But regular pastels are *so* played out—try spicing it up with an opalescent shimmery topcoat (like this one from OPI).

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Holographic nails


2014 pop culture trends are making a major comeback this season. And what says "tumblr," "Coachella" and "Marina & The Diamonds" more than holographic nail art? This trend made some huge waves back in the day, and now it's back in a modern way. But what makes holographic nail polish different plain old sparkles? These shades are usually more pigmented and made of a finer glitter that absorbs more light, which gives you that "outta-this-world" shine.

HoloTaco is a vegan and cruelty-free nail brand that specializes in fun and daring holographic shades. Rock 'em by themselves, or layer them over your favorite shades to breathe new life into your old polish. 

Halo Taco, Perfectly Purple Bundle, 62$,

Colorful jelly nails


This translucent trend originated in Korea, but it's finally made iots way to the U.S. Jelly nails are traditionally done using a sheer layer of pink, red or nude polish, which gives your nails an ultra glossy, jelly-like sheen.

You don't have to stick to pinkish-nude from to make a statement this spring. Step outside the box with shades like baby blue, light green and even mauve. When summer finally rolls around, you can switch out this look with more tropical shades like tangerine and hot pink. We love a multi-seasonal mani!

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Butterfly nails


This hot new trend is definitely reminiscent of the temporary tattoos you used to love, and who doesn't love stick-on decals? This super-cute mani is done by drawing a butterfly wing onto your nail by using thin nail art brushes (or simply using a nail decal). Adding other embellishments like a sparkly top coat, colorful gems or a funky French tip can level up your look.


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by Faith Green | 4/14/2024