14 beauty bag essentials you should pack for your next beach trip

Sooo, you have your floaties, swim suit and sandals packed... but what's left? What else do you need for a beautiful day on the beach? It's so easy to breeze out the door, excited to soak up some rays only to realize you forgot something SPF. Before you head out for some fun in the sun, consider packing these beach-time essentials. 

1. Summer time, glitter time...
Did you know glitter sunscreen is a thing? Welp, it is (you're welcome). The best part: it has the same effects as normal, everyday sunscreen, but the glitter will work as a good reminder to lather up. Hey, whatever works, right? Pack this fun, sparkly, bottle of goodness in your bag before you head to the beach.

2. Don't forget those sunnies...
(Squint, squint) Can you imagine going to the beach without your favorite pair of sunnies? Ugh, the tragedy! Make sure you grab your favorite pair of glasses before leaving the front door.   

3. Throw in the towel...
You can't go to the beach without a beach towel. Grab yours from Devocean Co., with your purchase you will help fund the rescue of baby sea turtles. Win. Win.

4. Seashell tote
Are you ready to fill your shelf at home with some seashells? (Tounge twister.) If so, make sure you pack a special bag just for that! If you're in need of a fun beach game, have a contest with your friends, whoever finds the most shells first wins.

5. Selfie essentials
You can't head to the beach without a good selfie-taking camera. Capture your day—and spot-on beach beauty look—with a polaroid. (Oh and don't forget to take some insta selfies too, everyone *loves* to see what their favorite beauty guru is up to.) 

6. Bring your favorite beach read
Ahhh, a beach read. One way, you can relax on the beach is with a good summertime book. Catch up on some reading or start a new book entirely. These are the books we'll be reading—and giving away! (during the month of June 2018)—this summer. 

7. Pack a journal
Need another relaxing idea? Try creating a journal of any type. Or if you already have one, add a new page to it. Like, a page for the beauty products you want to try next. Or a list of your favorite beauty vloggers. Reminder: If you pack a journal, you will need to pack a pen. Or a bunch in many, many colors.

8. Remember your hair care...
If you go swimming, your hair might get tangled, messy and knotted. To prevent this, we suggest packing a brush, some hair ties and a list of new hairstyles, like this one.

9. ...and nails too!
It's easy to neglect your nails during a beach getaway. These pretty polishes will have you thinking twice about that.

10. Gloss it up
Since we are on the subject of all things glam, one fab item you can't forget is lip gloss. Before you head to the beach, make sure you pack your fave shade. 

11. Stay hydrated
It is super, super important to stay hydrated, especially when playing in the sun. That's why we suggest packing a water bottle in your beach bag. Although, it might seem a bit boring, water bottles can be fun! You just have to choose the right one.

12. Play it loudly
When packing your beach bag, make sure you remember your earbuds + earbud holder. We mean you probably won't forget them, as they were most likely the first thing you packed. But just in case, we have a reminder for you: Don't leave them behind. 

13. Spritz it up
Make sure you bring a nicely scented perfume oil with you. After a hot and sticky day, you'll appreciate this small, travel-size item.  

14. Carry your bag in style
Okay, okay we get it, you offically can't pack anything more into your bag. But what about decking out your fave tote? We recommend these cute and fab pins.


by Alyshia Hull | 5/6/2018
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