Tempted to trim your own bangs? Don't even think about it before reading this

Quarantine have you going a bit stir crazy? Looking to change up your look by following the latest TikTok trend and cutting your own bangs? Well, stop right there. Don't give yourself the big chop before reading these tips for cutting bangs at home.

1. Make sure you know what bangs will look best on you

Not every bang style looks good on everyone, so make sure you watch this super helpful video from hair guru Brad Mondo before you pick up your scissors!

2. Cut less in the beginning and slowly trim upwards

If you cut off too much in the beginning, there's no way to add that hair back! So cut your bangs longer than you think you'll want them and slowly move up until they're a perfect length.

3. Don't freehand it

Make sure you take the time to measure out where you're cutting your hair. If you're not a trained professional, it can be really easy to mess up and once you make that cut, there's no going back.

4. Find inspo online


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Knowing what look you're going for will be that much more helpful when it comes time to make the first cut. Instead of going from memory, find a picture online of someone's bangs you want to recreate. 

5. Take that picture to a salon

If you're done all the prepping, considered the options and are still looking to rock a new look...go to a salon! You will have to wait it out for weeks and maybe months before you can schedule your appointment, but you'll save yourself the heartache of messing up your hair and having to get it fixed in a salon anyway. So put down the scissors and let the pros give you a look you'll love, just in time to (finally) see your friends IRL.

Would you cut your own bangs? Comment below!


by Taylor Dove | 3/30/2020