Thinking of getting bangs? Here's all the hair inspo you need

With everyone and their mothers cutting their own bangs over the pandemic, you may be feeling tempted to try out this classic hairstyle for yourself. But beyond the straight-across-the-forehead bangs you might be thinking about (Jess from New Girl, anyone?), there are so many different styles that flatter a variety of face shapes and hair types. Finding the bangs that suit *you* is often a process of trial and error, so if you're in need of some inspo, take a look at the four hairstyles we're loving!

Wispy bangs for the flirty girl-next-door


We're *obsessed* with the effortless and feminine vibe of wispy bangs. If you're not ready to commit to thick, choppy bangs, wispy bangs are a great starting point! These bangs are low-commitment but a great way to change up your look—you can always push them back when you're not feeling the bangs style, and they grow out very nicely. 

Long, face-framing bangs for the romantic


Cutting long pieces of hair that frame your face is another lower-commitment and trendy way to follow the bangs trend. Face-framing bangs are relatively low-maintenance, as they don't need any intensive styling or touching up. Plus, it looks gorgeous with most hair types, from straight to curly. We *love* how these longer bangs look with your hair up!

Curtain bangs for the trendy icon


Ah, TikTok's favorite hairstyle: curtain bangs! These bangs are trendy and well-loved for a reason—they're super versatile and flattering on pretty much *everyone*. Whether you choose to cut them a bit shorter or longer, curtain bangs will frame your face beautifully and look great when your hair is down or up.

Blunt bangs for the cool, bold gal


If you're feeling a bit bolder, consider getting blunt bangs. Both timeless and trendy, rocking blunt bangs will definitely catch everyone's attention. The ~cool girl~ vibe of these bangs could totally elevate your look—just note that blunt bangs require relatively frequent trims to touch it up!

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by Jinny Kim | 11/20/2021