3 important things to consider before purchasing beauty products

We get it: That super aesthetic packaging is way too tempting, and you have the urge to instantly smash "add to cart."

Especially with the rise of shopping online, we're always encouraged to buy more—whether it's to reach that free shipping status or gain bonus rewards.

But before you buy yet another beauty product, remember these simple tips. Your health and your wallet will thank you later.

1. Read, read, read (the ingredient list)


You'd be surprised at what ingredients common beauty products contain. For instance, girlies with food allergies should be especially careful, as many formulas contain derivatives from common kitchen ingredients. That face wash with almond oil? Not good for anyone with a tree nut allergy.

As for those other chemical ingredients, it's useful to know what your skin responds well to— whether you have sensitive skin or not. Don't just buy anything and everything. For instance, if you have dry skin, try to avoid those products that list alcohols as the first ingredients. That'll dry out your face even more.

It's also an great idea to test before applying any product onto your face. You can do an in-store look with samples or, when you do end up purchasing, always do a patch test—here's how.

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2. Research the brand

With all the viral dupes out there on the internet, one specific brand's product won't necessarily be the only thing that works. That being said, a big part of shopping is considering what brands match important values to look for. Do you want to support them?

You'll be surprised at how many high-end brands still test on animals today. The Cruelty-Free Kitty website is an excellent source for finding info on whether or not a brand is cruelty-free or vegan.


3. Is it worth the money?


Products sure are pricey, and tbh, sometimes it just might not be worth the money. One especially important (but often overlooked) rule of thumb is to not just look at the price itself, but also look at the price-to-size value. Option B might cost less than Option A, but you could end up getting a *lot* less product in it.

Finally, invest in skincare you believe in. As someone who has bought one product that was cheaper (to save just a little bit of money), I ended up buying the one I was originally looking at simply because the dupe didn't necessarily work for me. That...didn't really save me money. At all.

And remember: Not everything will work for everyone! Each individual has unique needs when it comes to beauty products, whether it be different skin textures, shades or sensitivities. 

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by Lucy Ke | 9/23/2023