BONUS BLOG: Pick the best suit for y-o-u!

Navigating the tricky waters of bathing suit selection is no easy feat. But we’re here to help! Read on to find out what suits *may* suit you best!



Thanks to her affinity for ill-fitting couture, Mischa Barton often looks like a homeless person ("Will Work For Caviar?") instead of a Hollywood starlet. But she's begging to differ in this striped bikini top and nautical boy shorts. If you're talk drink of water with boardwalk-flat boobs, ya gotta create some curves.


UPDATE: SAY WHAT?!?!? Karen the editor says, "Mischa? Stick straight? Sure. she's tall and lanky. But the sister's got hips!" So if the former O.C. queen has dangerous curves compared to you, consider your celeb body double as ... maybe .... Kirsten Dunst?

Krissy D's (newly added) photo would be an example of why a teeny top or super-skinny bandeau may not work when you have zero boobage. This girl is a nip-slip just waiting to happen -- even WITH straps! REMEMBER: It's hard finding celebs that match everybody's, well, bodies! So these are all rough examples. Just pick whatever suit you love, as long as it fits! Deal? ~xojb~

Either way, look for...

• Suits with "frills" (think: beading, ruffles, ties) at the hips or bust
• Mix-and-match prints like pola dots, florals, stripes, etc
• One-pieces with cool, cut-out details
• SAFE BETS: A strappy halter with a ruffled skirt or boy shorts
• STAY AWAY FROM: Skimpy bandeau tops that will fall down!

Our pick: Floral ruffle bandeau ($24.50) and matching skirtini ($24.50) from Delia's.

ruffletop.jpg rufflebottom.jpg



We love Tyra for her brains and beauty—at any size. In theory, the infamous "brown swimsuit" could have worked if she was just trying to deemphasize her booty. (Tyra says it's the one spot that occasionally makes her feel self-conscious.) But since she's busty, too, those stripes ended up looking like the icing atop a chocolate-bar-shaped torso! If you're curvalicious, show off that waist and celebrate the classic female shape!

Look for:

• Waist details like ruching (scrunched fabric), belts and ties
• V-shaped halters or straight-cut tanks with thin straps
• SAFE BETS: A tankini that stops just above/below a full-coverage bikini or hipster
• STAY AWAY FROM: U-shaped tops with thick straps, skimpy or high-cut bottoms

Our pick: Strawberry one-piece bandeau ($37.50) from Delia's.




Poor Kelly. She's so cute and totally fit, but the latest paparazzi pics of her on the beach show her: a) wearing this not-so-perfect suit, b) tenting out in a black "granny" coverup, c) chowing down on a hot dog. (Sigh, so happy we're not always in the public eye!) If you have narrow shoulders and a thick booty/thighs, it's all about geometry.

Look for...

• Padded triangle tops or thick bandeau tops
• Keyhole details
• Solid bikini or hipster bottoms
• Youthful skirts, sporty shorts or pareos
• SAFE BET: Athletic top that stops mid-belly with a solid bottom
• STAY AWAY FROM: Boy shorts, string bikini bottoms

Our pick: Tommy Sail Away slide halter ($38.50) and Raisins Ocean Bliss convertible bottom ($36.50) from Alloy.

alloybottom1.jpg alloyblue.jpg



Post breast surgery the newly engaged reality show star has more mountains than hills. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one!) Granted, she and Spencer kinda make us gag. But we gotta give her props for that cute suit. If you're naturally top-heavy, it's all about keeping the girls from becoming unfurled!

Look for...

• Tops and one-pieces with underwire support
• A thin layer of padding to prevent "headlights"
• Suits that tie/adjust around the back and the neck
• SAFE BETS: Halter tops and tankinis with wide straps
• STAY AWAY FROM: Small triangle tops, strapless bandeaus

Our pick: Star Stuck slide halter($24.50) and tie bikini bottom ($19.50) from Delia's.

startop.jpg starbottom1.jpg



At just 5'1", Eva Longoria could easily get lost on a shrimp boat. But she knows how to add the illusion of legginess with perfect proportions. If you're vertically challenged--whether curvy or straight--chances are you want a suit that's short on imperfections.

Look for:

• Low-rise bottoms and high-cut legs
• Patterns that repeat vertically like polka dots stripes
• Two-pieces that match (with plenty of belly in between)
• SAFE BET: A plunging (but classy!) one-piece with an empire waist (right below the boobage, babe!)
• AVOID: Juvenile suits with ruffled bums, too-long boy shorts

Our pick: Seeing Dots bikini ($39.50) from Limited Too.


BODY TALK: Yeah, we get it. Lots of models and celebs have perfect least after airbrushing. It kinda stinks that we search high and low, never to find pics of a famous gal with all-the-right-curves (a la Jennifer Hudson) on the beach! But remember, plenty of famous peeps have personal trainers, chefs or nutritionists. (And skinny doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Hello, Nicole Richie!) Instead of comparing, try being your own standard. Work to adopt healthy habits and a healthy mindset. Then go for your personal best!


Tyra Banks says KISS MY *bleeep* to all the curve-hating creeps out there!


5/29/2007 8:20:00 PM