Get glam for under $25

Look like a million bucks, but still stay within your budget. Our pretty picks add a bit of sparkle, shine and sophistication to your seasonal looks. Go glitzy, girl!

Ditch your ski hat and stay warm with a glam knit cap. Cute enough to wear even when you’re inside.
Sweet Flower Beanie, $7,

Glitter nail polish is a must. We like air-light hues painted over pretty pastels or jewel tones for a cool combo.

A heart-worthy ring amps the flirt factor on any outfit. You could literally wear this one all the time—so presh.
Soleil Heart Ring, $10,
A bright necklace lights up a black dress, but totally works with a plain t-shirt and jeans, too.

This time of year is so busy, who has more than a minute to devote to their beauty routine? A cherry stain serves up a rosy tint for your puckers and your cheeks. Keep it in your purse for mid-party touch-ups.

OMG, how amazing are sequin bags? They make your outfit fancier in a flash. A slick silver one is stunning for the holidays.
Sequin Clutch, $21,


by Amara Walters | 2/1/2016
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