CHEAP 'N' CHIC: Nail the perfect at-home pedi for under $20!

Wanna give yourself a pretty pedicure but don't have a ton of money or time to go to a salon? GL's got ya covered with our super-cheap picks and easy DIY tips!

First, soak your feet for 5-10 minutes in warm water to get 'em prepped and soften dry, rough or flaky patches. You can even do it while you’re reading or doing your homework!

We like Freeman Bare Foot Softening Foot Soak. It's only $4,

As your feet are soakin', go ahead and get your tools ready.

GL loves Ms. Pedicure 101 Kit 'cuz it's got 9 tools for just $5 (!

Once your feet are nice and smooth, use the pedicure kit's brush to scrub under your nails, cuticles and between your toes. When that's super-clean use the coarser side of the 2-sided wand to rub away any flaky, rough skin.

Pat feet dry with a towel. Say buh-bye to any overgrown cuticles by (gently!) pushin' 'em back with the kit's cuticle sticks. Slather on your fave lotion and let it soak in for a few.

Next, shape up those toenails with an emery board. Stick with a rounded or square shape. Separate your toes with the pedi separators (or tissues!) to make sure you don't smudge the polish when you paint!

Now you're all set to polish! Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat works before and after ya polish, so you don’t have to break the bank for 2 bottles of paint. ($5,

These Sephora shades are only $2 bucks a pop.

We love bright blues for toes or keep it classic in reds or pinks. For only $2 you can definitely switch it up!

Voila! Flaunt your perfect polish in some sweet flip flops, sandals or strappy heels!

-Cait Rohan

4/20/2008 12:00:00 AM