Ed. Obsession: The glove + mitten combo to get you through winter

If the billionth #snowday pic on your newsfeed didn’t give it away, it’s f-f-freezing out there. And if you live on the East Coast or Midwest, you know that these back-to-back polar vortexes are especially brutal—indoors and out. In fact, as I’m typing this, I’m bundled up in two layers of sweaters, leggings and my fave winter accessory, fingerless gloves. 

Sure, fingerless are gloves are perfect for chilling (literally) inside. But what about keeping your digits toasty outdoors while still being able to text, open candy bar wrappers or just, you know, function? Enter: glittens, the gloves + mittens combo of cozy perfection. (Sorry to dash the hopes of the glittery kittens fans). 

With the practicality of fingerless gloves and the snugness of mittens, they’re just what you need to get you through this cold snap and the next. Scroll through the best picks below…




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  • 1glitten.jpg

    Pretty and pink for all you girly girls out there. Bonus: a glitzy rhinestone keeps the mitten top back. Squee!

    Pink Gem Fingerless Gloves, $9,

  • 2glitten.jpg

    For your no-fuss, goes with practically every coat pair of glittens, grab these variegated faves.

    Echo Marled ‘Pop Top’ Gloves, $20,

  • 3glitten.jpg

    Grey skies bringin' ya down? Bah! Cheer up your day with uber bright colorblocked glittens.

    Laundry by Shelli Segal Color Block Convertible Mittens, $20,

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016