How to look like the trendy one at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks, family and eating, and sometimes it can be hard to know what to wear. Sure, it’s always fun to get dressed up, but the holiday doesn’t really call for that ball gown in the back of your closet. But then again, you don’t wanna look like a bum in front of your extended family. We’re showing you how to look good and feel great—and rightfully take your place as the trendy one at your family gathering. 


  • 1_niceandeasy.png

    Nice & easy

    This look is perfect for those who want to look fancy but keep things fairly informal. Wearing your everyday jeans and throwing on a nice top with some interesting accessories will make you look put-together without being overdressed.

    Oversized Cardigan, $43,

    Striped blouse, $12,

    Jeans, $70,

    Heeled Boots, $35,

    Studs, $28,

    Beaded Ring, $8,

    Leopard Circle Scarf, $23,

  • 2_comfycute.png

    Comfy yet cute

    This comfy yet cute look is perfect for those who need to dress nicely, but don’t want to be stuck in a stiff dress or formal skirt/jacket combo. This comfortable jersey frock is super-cute and instantly makes you grandma-approved. Buckle up those heeled booties, pull on some sheer tights, and top everything off with a couple pieces of gold jewelry.

    Polka dot dress, $20,

    Sheer Tights, $6,

    Ankle Booties, $50,

    Bangle, $20,

    Gold necklace, $50,

  • 3_laidback_.png

    Keepin’ it laid back

    This Laid back look is perfect if your family is a football-watching, three-kinds-of-turkey-eating family. With all that noshing and lounging, you’ll want to break out your stretchy pants. Throw on those leggings and an oversized sweater with your favorite boots and you’ll be ready to relax.

    Loose Knit Sweater, $34,

    Leggings, $20,

    Lace up boots, $70,

    Clear Hand bag, $35,

    Bracelet, $34,

    Drop earrings, $6,

    Rose bud scarf, $40,

  • 4_dresstoimpress.png

    Dressed to impress

    This dressed-to-impress look is perfect for those who go all-out for the holidays. If your family is all about dressing up for a formal dinner, then it’s time to go fancy. Keep it sophisticated with a full skirt, bold jewelry, and heeled booties and you’ll be able to actually walk in.

    Woolen Dress Coat, $45,

    Long Sleeve Crop Top, $11,

    Patterned High Waist Skirt, $41,

    Polka dot tights, $15,

    Heeled Booties, $50,

    Shoulder Bag, $31,

    Blue-jeweled bracelet, $28,

    Red Earrings, $24,


by Georgia Caroline Milton | 2/1/2016