A guide to thrifting (and secrets to scoring stylish stuff)

Thrift stores are the way to go if you’re into a more vintage look and are also operating on a budget. I’ve found some of my favorite clothing pieces at thrift stores over the years. But a lot of people get overwhelmed when it comes to navigating the store—it’s not like going to Target or H&M. You have to know how to search thoroughly and where to look. It’s definitely an acquired skill. So the next time you head to Goodwill and find yourself getting stuck, come back to this list for some helpful thrifting tips and tricks.

Bring your BFFs along and make it a group adventure.
Thrifting is more fun when you have your buds there to share their opinions. The process might also go a lot more smoothly if you have another set of eyes to help you search—and no one knows your style like your best friends.

Make sure to check out *every* nook and cranny of the store.
The real thrill of thrifting is the search. Thrift stores are generally jam-packed with aisles and racks of options—color variety, style and everything from vintage to 90s grunge to more modern. Once you familiarize yourself with the layout of a store, knowing where to go for a particular item will become easier. In the meantime, cover all your bases and take the time to have to be willing to do some digging.

Learn to take risks and try new looks.
If you’re someone who’s loyal to a daily ensemble of solid color tees and basic jeans, maybe venturing out of your comfort zone a bit will be refreshing. And thrift stores are the perfect places for testing your fashion limits. Try on some items with funky patterns, or experiment with a new hat. You might discover a new style you never would've thought you'd like.

Know before you go.
Inspect your closet before hitting the racks to see what you already have. While it’s tempting to buy duplicates of all of your favorite accessories and clothing items, it’s also important to practice recognizing the difference between needs and wants. Survey your closet and see what you could use more of and what you already have plenty of. This will also help you set more productive shopping goals for yourself.

Donate things you no longer need.
You don’t want your closet to become a dump; clothing cleanses are healthy and very much needed from time to time. While going shopping and adding to your rack of fashion must-haves is exhilarating, so is giving away things you no longer need. It optimizes your closet space, and is also a great way to feel good about giving back.

Do you love thrifting? Share your tips below!


by Maggie Medoff | 5/14/2018