Sofia Carson spills all about Evie-inspired D2 fashion lines

We’re super into all things Descendants here at GL, especially the fashion. One of our fave Villain Kids, Evie (Sofia Carson) has her own fashion line in the upcoming Descendants 2 (July 21) flick, and we’ve found ourselves wishing that we could wear the clothes IRL. Which is why we’re *so* excited that there’s not just one, but two (!) fashion collections inspired by Evie hitting stores now. Evie’s 4 Hearts collection at Target and the D-Signed Ways to be Wicked collection at Kohl’s are full of picks you just have to wear to your Descendants 2 viewing party!

We chatted with Sofia all about the fashion collections, how Evie inspires her own look and what the future holds for Evie. 

We’re so excited to talk about these clothing collections! Tell us about them.
The collection for Target is designed from the almost exact inspiration of Evie’s 4 Hearts from the film! You can see inspiration from Evie’s signature icon which is a ruby heart with the crown, and a lot of blue, a lot of leather and a lot of accents of ruby red which is very true to Evie. I love the D-Signed line because a lot of the shirts have lines like “Rotten to the Core” or “I’m the Queen of This Town” that come directly from the songs!

What's your personal favorite piece?
Oh, it’s so hard to pick. I was over the moon when they presented the collection to me. I almost got emotional because fashion and Evie are big parts of who I am and to have a fashion line inspired by Evie is so special. There’s a really cute bomber jacket that’s reversible with silk on one side and crushed velvet on the other!

Let’s talk about the pieces in the collection that have your face on them! Is it strange to see fans wearing a shirt with your face on it? 
That’s always the most surreal part. When I first got the role of Evie, the first words that came out of my sister’s mouth were “OMG, your face is going to be on a lunch box!” We would’ve never imagined that, but now we see little girls all over world with T-shirts with Evie and it’s the most incredible feeling.

Evie’s style is such a big part of who she is, and such a big part of playing her, too. What did it feel like stepping into Evie’s pieces each day? 
It was my favorite part of the day. I love being Evie and I love every time I get to step back into my blue clothes and my blue hair. It’s a long process transforming into Evie but it’s so worth it! It feels empowering because Evie’s story is all about girl power. She’s invested in her clothes, she’s always feminine and timeless with a bit of an edge. 

Are there any pieces from Evie’s look that you have adopted into your own style?
Evie loves a leather jacket and I love a leather jacket as well. It’s a staple in my wardrobe and like Evie, I also like to mix feminine and classic elements with a bit of an edge. And my nails are always Evie blue!

Let's time travel: 20 years from now, how is Evie rocking the fashion world? 
Her 4 Hearts line is the most respected line in Auradon. She’s again dressing royalty, the kings and queens! I think Evie would have some sort of fashion institute for kids in Auradon and in the Isle of the Lost for people like her who dreamt of being fashion designers but weren’t given the opportunity to. I think she would probably love to do that.

D2 is almost here! On a scale of 1-10, how stoked are you? How will you be celebrating the release? 
Scale of 1-10? I’m going to go with 11 because 11 is my favorite number! We’re [the cast] all going to be in Los Angeles together and we’ll probably be tweeting. We’ll all be seeing it together and then we’ll probably go out to dinner to celebrate. We just can’t wait to be able to share the movie with the world.

Will you be buying any of the clothes from these lines? Tell us which pieces you want in the comments!  

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by Maddie McGee | 7/12/2017