Dress like Peyton List with items you already have in your closet


We heart Peyton List. She's stylish on Disney Channel's Bunk'd, for sure, but even off-screen, Peyton is the epitome of #fashiongoals. Peyton proved just how much of a fashionista she is this past weekend during “Story Time” at the Great Wolf Lodge, where read to a group of lucky audience members.

We loved her effortlessly chic look so much that we decided to give you a how-to guide to recreating this look that's perfect for school!

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    First, we have to talk about how adorable Peyton looks alongside the Great Wolf Lodge mascots. What totally caught our eye about the look, though, was her jean jacket!

    Look in your closet for your favorite jean jacket. If you want to amp it up like Peyton, you can try to amp it up with an easy bejeweling DIY. If you don't have one, ask your mom if she does. Because jean jackets have been in and out of style for years, chances are she has one somewhere in the house.

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    Pair your jacket with a regular black top. Any one will do because you're going to be buttoning up the jean jacket anyway!

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    Next up: the black skinny jeans. These, paired with the black tee, will help you ground the jean jacket and make the outfit look even more chic. (Hint: Wearing all black with a pop of color will always make you look put together!)

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    Next, we have to talk about Peyton's boots. Ankle booties are a must for fall. Peyton's wearing a heeled pair, but you can still achieve the same look with a smaller heel or no heel at all. No heel makes walking through the hallways a little more comfortable!

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    Peyton's hair looks fab! If you want to achieve her "windblown" hair. Use a 1 to 1 and 1/2 inch barrel curling iron to run throughout your whole head. You'll see more of a "bend" then "curl" in your hair, so be sure to brush your hair out once you're finished.

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    The last thing we should talk about is makeup, which is super simple! Opt for more of a fresh face look and just fill in your brows and spot conceal any blemishes you want. Add on a nude lipstick or gloss to finish up the makeup. After that, you're ready to go to school in your Peyton List-inspired look.


by Katlyn Pierre | 11/9/2017
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