Fashion horoscope: What to wear this year based on your zodiac sign

Let's face it: we rely on our horoscope to give us the DL on all aspects of our lives: love, school, friends, family—you name it. So, why not add fashion to the list? Here's what you need to be wearing in 2018 based on your zodiac sign. 


You're a vibrant, confident Aries who loves putting themselves out there! This top would look amazing layered over a sports bra for an intense sweat sesh.


You're super headstrong, so naturally you won't let the cold temperatures stop you! This chic and cozy beanie will help you power through winter weather. 


You're a quickwitted girl who's not afraid to fire back a sassy comeback. So naturally this trendy sweatshirt is perfect for expressing yourself.


You're a family kind of gal that loves to spend time curled up with love ones and this cozy thermal is perfect for cuddly nights!


There's nothing you love more than being center'll really pop in this cute crop top you can rock at your next party!


You don't love being the center of attention, so it's no surprise you'd love these vintage mittens! Simple and classic, they'll match your more neutral style. 


Libra's can't help but be in love—after all, you're the harmony sign. You're attached at the hip to your bae, so you need this cute top! Perfect for date night or a flirty get-together. 


You're mysterious and deep as the sea, and you want your accessories to express that! These necklaces are the opposite of basic, and can add an exotic element to any outfit. 


You're a mover and a shaker who loves to travel, so you need these earrings! They'll show the world that you're up on the trends and not afraid to test out new waters.



You're driven, hardworking and disciplined—don't we all wish we could be like you, Capricorn? You're a practical girl who will really appreciate this simple, cute Henley you can wear on a cold day. 


You're mysterious, free spirited and eccentric, so you'll love this quirky plaid throwback tank (Clueless, anyone!?). 


Emotional, compassionate, and....emotional. You're a Pisces, and you can be too caring for your own good. But everyone loves you for it! This artistic and feminine sweatshirt is perfect for you. 

What styles are you rocking this year? Sound off in the comments!

by Sydney Adamson | 1/13/2018
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