My best friend traveled to Europe and *these* are the style differences

My best friend Liz  is currently studying abroad in Europe, and she told me every fashion trend that is different across the world (I’m only a little jealous that she’s traveling the world without me). There are tons of things that Europeans do differently when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, and there are so many things that we are all for adapting to our routines. Whether it’s putting more effort into getting dressed in the morning, or being more laid back when it comes to prints and styles, Europeans are totally doing everything right. 

The first thing my friend noticed is how much effort people from London put into their outfits. One of the main differences between people in London and us Americans is that no one wears leggings out in public. Although this American trend is super comfy and convenient, Londoners always put on real pants in the morning. Even though they look slightly less comfortable, they definitely appear more put together.  

Another difference between the street style in London and the street style in America is that the colors they wear are much more muted and they don’t appear to add on anything *extra* like we do in the United States. Liz told me, “I feel like in America 'fashion' can sometimes be super extra, but in London it’s a lot more muted and laid back.” Maybe less is more? 

Again, only slightly jealous that my best friend is able to travel to Spain for the weekend like it’s no big deal. At least she’s sending me pictures and keeping me updated on all the fun things she’s doing. Maybe I should get over my fear of flying and book a trip to go visit her? 

According to Liz, summer style in Madrid is super laid back and colorful. Spaniards wear a lot of flowy pieces that are super comfortable and carefree but also stylish and fashion forward. The colors are different from those in London, as they are very bright and cheerful. This trend is definitely something that we can implement into our fashion style here in the United States. 

It’s obvious that Paris is a total tourist attraction, so Liz didn’t notice many differences in the fashion, because the city was flooded with tourists. When she did see someone from Paris though, she noticed that their outfits were similar to the ones she saw in London. The native’s put a lot of effort into their outfits, and the clothes are super tailored and simple. 

It’s clear that Europeans know how to dress. Whether it’s adding more simple pieces to your wardrobe, wearing flowy clothes for summer, or actually putting on pants in the morning, you can look like a European in no time! 

Where is your favorite place to travel to?


by Molly Beidleman | 5/30/2018
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