Your guide to 1970s fashion inspired by Emma Winder

The 70s are officially *in* again and there's no one who understands this better than YouTuber Emma Winder. In aesthetic outfit videos, she blends retro staples with a modern flair for a trendy take on 1970s fashion. We've thrown together the perfect guide to 70s fashion to incorporate in your daily fits and emulate the vintage but trendy Emma Winder look.

Retro sunglasses

There's *nothing* that screams cool more than a funky pair of sunnies. Shades are an essential for summer, and a stylish one too. Pop over the thrift store for your own unique pair for the cherry on top to a retro outfit.

Corduroy flares

When someone says 70s, the first fashion piece that comes to mind has to be flared pants or bellbottoms. The flared end is not only fun but also serves to give the appearance of longer legs—we love a tall girl moment. Plus, the corduroy material is super durable and *so* underrated.


If you want to look like a young, classy member of a country club about to dominate a game (or two) of mini-golf, jumpsuits are the way to go. It's a *serious* life hack—throw on a single item of clothing and look effortlessly put-together. Bonus points if it's in a gorgeous jewel tone like this wine red one. 

Silky summer dress

Endless flowers and standing ovations for this stunning piece. Silk is the perfect material for a dress that can keep you cool and sophisticated no *matter* the weather. Keep it casual with a pair of sunglasses for a cottagecore picnic in the park or dress it up with some opera gloves for a fancy evening dinner. 

Sweater vests and collared shirts

Chances are you've seen this pairing *all* over the internet, and for good reason. The sweater vest was especially popular in the UK in the 70s, a classy and preppy layering piece to every outfit. The collared shirt underneath makes it fall or winter-proof all while adding an interesting pop-out element.

Halter tops

Halter tops are back in style and we are *loving* it. This summer staple spices up any outfit, whether it's baggy jeans or a flowy skirt. The open back makes it light and breezy, perfect for a hot day out under the sun and super cute back-silhouette insta pics.

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All pics via Emma Winder on YouTube | Slider @emmawinder


by Sophia Zhang | 9/17/2021