Size doesn't define style: Why finding clothes that are meant to fit *you* is so important

This past year was absolutely unprecedented, with tons of ups and downs. It's remarkable that our magnificent bodies carried us through the mess that was 2020—even if they changed over the past year.

It's scary when our old clothes from last season don't fit us anymore, but that's totally normal! We are forever growing, flourishing and developing in this world, and so are our bodies. Why wouldn't our bodies have adapted under all the stress of a pandemic? So ditch the shame in the size chart, because your clothes are meant to fit and serve Y-O-U!


DON’T BLAME YOUR BODY :) #selflove #bodypositivity

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Express, don't stress 


Fashion is ultimately a stylish and fun form of self-expression. Whether you're wearing cottagecore milkmaid dresses or sporting grunge flannels and cargo pants, you are expressing yourself to those around you. Finding clothes that fit *you* is a way to show the world who you are and celebrate yourself and your identity. Everyone wants to follow the latest trends, but the look that never goes out of style is one that is true to your authentic self. We all deserve to express ourselves through fashion, no matter our size, shape or make.

Comfort > anything 

Being comfortable in our own clothes helps us become more comfortable in our own skin. If you wear something that doesn't fit anymore, you won't feel your best (and you might be in some pain, too). Remove the friction between your happiness and wardrobe by picking clothes that fit you, not someone else's body. You are in control of what you wear, and to achieve greater confidence, you need to find items that you can move and live in. We are human beings, not statues—our bodies are constantly changing with us.

Confidence: it's key


Everyone is worthy of confidence. While trends come and go by the week, the most important aspect of your clothes is that you *feel good* in them. That is all-encompassing and includes discovering your style, not adhering to fads you don't really like. It also means donating, selling or upcycling unwanted clothes. Why wear something that don't make you happy? Explore fashion communities with your body type and aesthetic that will inspire you to wear clothes to serve you mentally and physically. 

Whether you are trying on old clothes or browsing for new pieces to hang in your closet, remember clothes are meant to fit you. So, get out there and treat yo-self to some outfits you feel comfy, stylish and most importantly, authentic while wearing.

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by Cara Lamina and Julieanne Larick | 8/6/2021