We heart these Purse Pets-inspired back-to-school style moodboards

What's your back-to-school style vibe? 

Maybe you're throwing it back in time with a thrifted, vintage look—or right on trend with what's all over everyone's FYP. Whatever your aesthetic, we've created the *ultimate* inspiration moodboards to finesse endless fits, featuring the cutest must-have accessory: An adorable Purse Pet (check them out right here!)

Why pick up Purse Pets? They're bright, they're bold and so, so super cute (oh, and they even play music, blink, make sounds and respond to touch. Try to top that, random casual clutch!). So take the quiz to find your match, or just read on to shop the modern classic moodboards...

Cassidey @iamcassidey

Style Star: "My moodboard is rad and retro. Think: '80s throwbacks, neon accents and fierce accessories." 
Purse Pets Pick: "My Fierce Fox Purse Pet *so* fits my bright and bubbly aesthetic. I love how adorable it is—plus, it plays music, which is honestly my vibe." 
Fashion Advice: "Don't be afraid to take a risk and try a look that's out of your comfort zone." 

Lexia @lexiahayden

Style Star: "I went for a Posh Princess moodboard. The pretty pastels and low-key accessories totally make a soft girl statement." 
Purse Pets Pick: "The Glamicorn Purse Pet is perfect for my glam and girly vibe. It even responds to my touch, which instantly brings my look to life." 
Fashion Advice: "You don't always have to go big. I live for the little things—like butterfly clips, lipgloss and a cute cardi."  

Mila @mila.nabours

Style Star: "An effortlessly edgy moodboard? That's so me. I'm obsessed with fresh, fun fits that project bold, confident energy." 
Purse Pets Pick: "My LeoLuxe Purse Pet stashes my stuff in spectacular style. (What could be more purr-fect? It's interactive, so it even blinks!)" 
Fashion Advice: "Put yourself out there with your style. It's OK to get noticed—that just means you're setting a trend." 

Skyla @skyladisney_

Style Star: "I live for a cute and classic moodboard—whether it's preppy plaid prints, sporty style moments or light academia looks." 
Purse Pets Pick: "My Rainbow Pup Purse Pet channels alllll my happy vibes this year. Every time my Purse Pet makes a cute sound, I get so smiley!" 
Fashion Advice: "It's easy to get caught up in trends. Instead, create outfits that reflect who you are instead of what everyone else is wearing."

Which look is *so* you? Shop your
Purse Pets style HERE!


by Katherine Hammer | 8/12/2021