Your guide to the That Girl tote bag


Tote bags are the quintessential Gen Z statement accessory—affordable, cute and the perfect way to show off your personality. Our fave TikTok creators have been perfecting the art of the That Girl tote bag, packing them to the brim with everyday items that are useful and encourage a productive and mindful lifestyle. If you're looking for the essential guide for curating the perfect tote, you've come to the right place. We've got the *ultimate* list of what to carry around, so scroll for some major inspo.


Affordable and cute tote bags
Ofc, the first step to curating your That Girl tote bag is choosing a bag that is most you. Maybe you want a colorful and bright bag that matches your personality, or perhaps neutrals are more your thing. Whatever your style, we have a few options to match every vibe.
Vibrant sunflowers: Cotton:On, $5
Strawberry shortcake: Pacsun, $27
Beary cute: Evry Jewels, $30


Books and journals
That Girl not only educates herself—she also stays focused on her goals and overall wellness. When packing your tote, add your current read (we have some recs HERE) and a fab planner. Add a cute notebook and some fashionable gel pens to manifest new dreams or to simply jot down what happened that day. Here are some of the best journals and writing utensils:
Wellness journal: Papier, $33
Clothbound journal: Sugar Paper, $24
"Write On" pen set:, $15


Hair accessories
Effortless and chic hairstyles are v. necessary, and cute accessories are even more essential to pull off the look. Whether it's time for super cute double braids or a chill messy bun, these accessories will elevate the look (never underestimate the power of a claw clip).
Butterfly claw clip: Francesa's, $14
Flower claw: Madewell, $22
Pearl barrettes: Aeropostale, $5


Makeup products
With signature dewy skin and fluffy brows, the That Girl look is laid-back and low-key. However, if you're not feeling the #nomakeup lewk, we've got the best choices for an easy-breezy, clean vibe.
Micro brow pencil: NYX, $10
Liquid blush: Glossier, $18
Lip tint: Burt's Bees, $5


Whether you choose to invest in a Polaroid camera or opt for a classic disposable, having a camera handy is a great way to record all the amaze mems you and your crew are making on the daily. Your BFFs will totally appreciate your bomb photo-taking skills...and your Pinterest-worthy Instagram feed. We like these camera options best:
Polaroid: Target, $70
Cherry disposable: Urban Outfitters, $20
Classic film: Walmart, $25

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by Kelly Schwint and Serena Sherwood | 5/15/2022