Watch Selena Gomez and Zedd's new "I Want You To Know" music video

Selena Gomez and Zedd's hit song "I Want You To Know" came out a couple of weeks ago, and fans have been eager for the music vid ever since. With rumors that the two artists are dating, we were curious to see if the sparks would be flying on camera, too.

In the vid, Selena and Zedd hit the club, and Selena grooves the night away while Zedd (looking totally handsome in a tuxedo) watches from the sidelines. Though the two never actually dance together, they share a few meaningful glances. The chemistry is definitely there and the music video makes us want to go out and party all night ourselves.

What do you think of Selena and Zedd's new video? Do you think there's anything romantic happening between these two? Let us know in the comments.


Photo and video credit to: Zedd 


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016