Spotlight on Lindsey Black!

An all-new season of As the Bell Rings begins on July 5, along with a new cast member, Lindsey Black (she’s replacing Demi Lovato). Lindsey will be playing Lexi, the new girl in school who may or may not be the new love interest of the show—she won’t tell us! But fortunately, GL was able to quiz her on a few other things.

The Lindsey Black Pop Quiz

1) Favorite TV show?
“Hannah Montana! I love that show! It’s adorable! It’s so upbeat and happy."

2) Favorite book?

“I love the entire “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for the [second Sisterhood movie] to come out. I loved [the first one]. I cried and I love any kind of chick flick movie.
3) Favorite music?

“I love anything acoustic and my favorite band at the moment is Paramore.”
4) Favorite TV Channel?

“I actually love watching the food network! I love cooking, well especially baking like cookies and cakes, I’m always making cookies for different people.” GL had to ask if she’d ever had a cooking disaster… “I was making a coconut cream pie and I put it on the counter to cool and then my cat decided to get down in it.”
5) Favorite Movie?

“I love comedies and then romantic comedies and, well, dramas too. I’m pretty much all over the board with movies, and my favorite of all time is The Notebook.”
6) Favorite Summer Activity?

“Now that I live in California, I’m really close to the Santa Monica Pier and that area so I’m really trying to go down there as much as I can. I’m thinking I might try to learn how to surf.”
7) What’s something that would surprise most people?

“Most people don’t know that when I was younger, I actually used to show cows in Texas [giggles]. I actually have a llama named Princess. She’s back in Texas, and she’s not coming to California. And she has a baby named Max, so we have a couple of llamas running around. Actually back in Texas, I live about maybe ten minutes from Demi Lovato.

Catch As the Bell Rings on the Disney Channel starting July 5 and let us know what you think!

-Lauren Linhard and Amanda Forr

6/30/2008 5:53:00 PM