Everything we learned on ~vacay~ with Chloe Lukasiak


If you follow GL on Instagram (find us here!), you might remember a few days back in June when our feed was filled with some killer #content—including lots of snaps featuring Chloe Lukasiak (the Dance Moms star, actress, author...and our current cover girl!) and her amazing mom, Christi Lukasiak.

We spent seven sun-soaked days enjoying fun fitness classes…amazing meals…major mom-and-daughter bonding time…enriching experiences…and, well, plenty of time to chill by the pool, too. Sound like a dream? It’s actually called Mom & Teen Week—and it happens every year at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in beautiful Vista, CA. Below, we're sharing some of our favorite moments—and spilling some of the smart wellness tips we learned along the way. 

Pssst: If this all sounds amazing, join Cal-a-Vie for next summer’s Mom & Teen Week. It’s all happening from June 10 to June 17—visit to reserve your spot.

Fierce fitness classes
Every day at Cal-a-Vie started with a sunrise hike—followed by four (yes, four!) cool classes. Chloe loved high-intensity, boxing-inspired sessions like Piloxing. And our group dance classes? Epic, obviously. While the seemingly stacked schedule was a bit daunting at first, we quickly learned that it only takes a couple minutes to recover between classes. If you want to amp up your own workout plan, try a bit of double-booking: Start with a long walk in the AM, then grab some weights for a sculpting session. Hitting the trail on your bike? Once your feet are on the ground again, find your focus with 30 minutes of yoga. Soon, extending your workout schedule will feel like second nature—and you'll get twice the bennies every day.


Internship and career tips from Lauren Berger
The CEO of Intern Queen shared her sage advice on all things #girlboss (think: getting your first internship and *crushing* it!) in exclusive breakout sessions. Want to catch up with the IQ yourself? Don’t miss the Intern Queen Party tour coming to a city near you


Smoothie bowl art 
Fruit + flowers + granola = gorgeous. Multi-hued bowls are a great way to up your Instagram game…and, as Cal-a-Vie nutritionist May Tom explained to us, they’re also an easy way to get lots of different colors into one snack, which helps increase the nutrition factor of your meal. She suggests aiming for 3 to 5 colors on every single plate: So if you're having oatmeal for breakfast...add blueberries (blue!), strawberries (red!) and mint (green!) and you've got yourself a 4-color bowl. Having scrambled eggs? Fold in some red onion, jalapeno, tomato and spinach. (It'll give a whole new meaning to "taste the rainbow," trust us.)


Cooking class with Chef Dara Yu
The MasterChef Junior star is a complete inspiration: She's an all-star chef who interns at some of the country's top restaurants *and* hosts a web series where she explores the culinary world and demonstrates cooking techniques. (She's also a straight-A student and varsity swimmer *and* she's currently working on a non-profit that will help battle food insecurity.) For a special demo, Dara took over the Cal-a-Vie test kitchen to show us how to make fresh, nutritious spring rolls. They were ridiculously delicious—and, actually, very easy to make. CLICK HERE to get Dara’s recipe and special instructions. 


Major “mom” time
There’s no better way to bond with your OG bestie (aka Mom, obvs) than by sharing new experiences together. At Cal-a-Vie, that meant waking up early (soooo early) for scenic hikes together, laughing it up during a "Brazilian Booty" workout class (yes, it's a thing—and yes, it's amazing for your glutes) and slowly sipping a dessert tea after dinner (lots of time for chatting). You can get the same relationship-boosting benefits at home by sharing an experience that's completely new to both of you. (Check Groupon for paint night at a nearby coffee shop, an indoor rock-climbing lesson or a meditation class.) By getting out of your comfort zones, you'll discover a whole new side of each other.


Soothing spa sessions
The ultimate way to end a day full of push-ups and Pilates? A trip to the Cal-a-Vie spa for massages, reflexology, manicures, pedicures, body wraps (and so much more) help relax and restore the body and mind. Chloe even filmed an episode of her new LifeTime YouTube series, Chloe Does It, while she enjoyed a tingly scalp treatment. (If you're craving some self-care, CLICK HERE for the ultimate DIY mani.)  


All the sweet swag
And just when we thought Mom & Teen Week was the *ultimate* bonding vacay...things got even better. From all-natural beauty essentials to must-have tech, glam goodies were delivered daily to help make sure we spent the week in style. Check out all the *amazing* brands below…

BugBandChuao ChocolatierClioColorescienceComodoynesGreen GooHot Heads • iFrogzInstytutumInvisibobbleJamberryJill YogaMoonlitOla Tropical ApothecaryOolyOral EssentialsPinrose PerfumesPixi BeautyPreHeelsPureologySoSo HappySarah AghiliSquare OrganicsSinful ColorsTassiToddy GearZandra Beauty 

Ready to be part of Mom & Teen Week 2018? CLICK HERE for more info—hope to see you there!

by Kelsey Haywood Lucas | 7/19/2017
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