Get some #MondayMotivation from your fave WE Day celebs

If you’re looking for a *major* boost of inspo, look no further than WE Day! This annual event series, which started in Toronto in 2007, brings tens of thousands of students, educators and celebs together to celebrate local and global action. Tickets cannot be bought; instead, they are earned through acts of charity.

The 2017-18 WE Day season includes 16 shows in 14 cities around the world, with U.S. stops in New York, Texas, California and Illinois. Back where it all started, this year’s WE Day in Toronto on Sept. 28 featured awesome change-making stars like Sofia Carson, Vanessa Hudgens, Bailee Madison, Gaten Matarazzo, host Kelly Clarkson and special guest Prince Harry. They all shared incredible stories and useful tips on how you can live your best life while making a difference.

Get your week off to a great start with #MondayMotivation straight from the WE Day stage!

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller!” –Kelly Clarkson

“We all know how awesome women are. I mean, come on. Selena Gomez? BAWSE. Zendaya? GODDESS! What about Demi Lovato? QUEEN! I dare you to watch a Beyoncé video and not feel inspired to run the world. For each and every girl here in this audience, you’re just as strong, powerful, capable, smart, funny, beautiful and awesome as every single one of those women too.” —Lilly Singh

“You all know that it’s great to like things on social media, but that it’s more important to look up from our phones, to get out into our communities and to take real action; to stand up for what you believe in! ... Let yourself be inspired.” —Prince Harry 

“I’m using my differences to make a difference.” —Gaten Matarazzo

“Use the people who tell you ‘you can’t’ as ammunition to prove them wrong and change the world.” –Valerie Weisler, 19-year-old founder of The Validate Project 

“Today I see our future being built by all of you ... and our infinite diversity in infinite combinations boldly going where no one had gone before.” —George Takei

“Education is our superpower. Books and pens are our greatest weapons. And girls, we are our own knights in shining armour! So today, let’s write our own happily ever afters.” —Sofia Carson

“Believe in yourself and love yourself and go and be the change. I can’t wait to see what you all do!” —Bailee Madison

Check out more of our snaps from the WE Day blue carpet and show below!

Photo credit: Angela McLean for Girls Life; Prince Harry: Chris Young for WE Day

  • img_4978e.png

    GL ran into new BFFs Sabrina Carpenter and Vanessa Hudgens backstage and captured the moment with this adorbs shot!

  • img_4906e.png

    Back on the WE Day blue carpet, Canadian cutie Jacob Tremblay was posing for the cameras. 

  • img_4921e.png

    Lilly Singh gave us an up-close look at her new #GirlLove 2.0 Rafiki bracelet. What a bawse!

  • img_4889e.png

    The Kenyan Boys Choir welcomed our girl Bailee Madison to their squad for the day! 

  • img_4778e.png

    WE ambassador and WE Day co-host Hannah Alper threw up the WE symbol on the carpet.

  • img_4940e.png

    Sabrina *definitely* knows how to work a blue carpet!

  • img_4797e.png

    V posed next to the WE sign – how cute is her outfit?!

  • img_5109e.png

    Bails shared the spotlight on stage with some incredible students who shared their story about giving back with WE. So inspirational!

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by Angela McLean | 10/2/2017
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