Brooklyn and Bailey say *this* moment was their DigiTour highlight

Brooklyn and Bailey are killin' it these days. The twin beauty and DIY YouTubers and singers are pretty much the definition of #girlboss goals. If you're a fan, then you know that they debuted their first music video earlier this year for "Dance Like Me" and just finished up their high-energy DigiTour. The tour was *uber* fun, and we got the chance to chat with the hard-working girls all about their time on the road.

If you ever road trip with these girls, here's what to expect... 

They always have the best snacks
Traveling, especially during road trips, means eating tons of snacks. The girls have got you covered when it comes to delicious snacks on the road. We asked them what their favorite thing to chow down on tour was. “Our favorite road snacks are chocolate granola bars and monster trail mix. Yum!”

They know how to have fun during down time
If you follow their YouTube channel, you know that Brooklyn and Bailey love to have fun. That doesn’t stop when they’re traveling of course! We asked them what their favorite place to visit was during DigiTour. “Freehold, NJ, was one our favorite cities because the crowd was so loud and the venue, iPlay America, was amazing. There was a candy store and an arcade attached to it that we took full advantage of it!”

If you forget something, they probably have something packed that you can borrow
While on the road, the girls knew that they had to be prepared with extra outfits and alllll the beauty products. “Our suitcase is definitely a wardrobe on wheels! We travel for four days straight each week, so we have to keep everything with us. We have three wardrobe changes each show, so staying organized is a total must. We keep each outfit, plus all of it’s accessories and shoes, in a labeled bag.”

They know how to pass the time when things get snooze fest-y
If you’re bored, they’ll probably have a book for you to read. The duo love to read, and they definitely make time for it while on the road. “We’re in our tour van for hours at a time, so we never leave the house without a good book and road trip snacks! Also gum is a must have.”

They're all about making the *best* memories
They spent a lot of time together with their crew, so they made sure to make the best of it. “Our favorite tour moment would have to be when our crew all played in the arcade and won a mini disco ball for our tour van. By far one of our fave memories,” the girls spilled. They also had a super-touching moment with a fan. “One fan told us she moved from Italy to the US and had a hard time making friends and that Brooklyn and I were her friends during that transition. Her mom started crying and so did was a really touching moment.” Ugh, so cute!

Do you have a fave roadtrip memory or travel must-have? Let us know in the comments!


by Katlyn Pierre | 11/2/2017
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