WATCH: Emily Skinner gets real on playing Amber on Andi Mack

Just like Cyrus' ground-breaking season opener storyline, Andi Mack is at it again with the killer character development. Up to bat this time around? Amber!

"This season I think Amber has a lot more layers and more depth, and I'm really excited for people to see Amber evolve," Emily Skinner says on her character in season two. "Her dad loses his job, which is why she is working at The Spoon. It's an eye opener for her. Amber is standing on the outside of these [Andi's] friendships looking in, and seeing how much fun they're having and how they are all supporting each other. She's realizing that she doesn't really know what true friendship is and is trying to figure it out."

In Friday's episode of Andi Mack, Andi invites Amber over for a sleepover. Meanwhile, Buffy is frustrated when the basketball team captain, TJ, excludes her from game play. Take an exclusive sneak peek at the ep below!

Catch an all new episode of Andi Mack this Friday, Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

What's been your fave Andi Mack moment this season?

by Sydney Adamson | 11/20/2017
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