The Sister Squad moment in this year's YouTube Rewind is iconic

One question: Who let Emma drive...?

YouTube just dropped this year's annual YouTube Rewind. Its v. epic and super inclusive. From The Sister Squad to The Try Guys, LaurDIY to Remi Ashten, Liza Koshy to Lily Singh, it has all of our faves.

If you're unfamiliar: Each year, YouTube Rewind brings us a who’s who of internet culture, featuring a variety of zeitgeist-defining personalities—from mainstream celebrities to the world's top YouTube creators to viral video stars.

Rewind has been viewed over 1 billion times since 2012, and the 2016 and 2017 editions were each viewed over 200 million times.


This year's is kicked off my mainstream celeb Will Smith and has serveral hilarious cameos, our fave being the Sister Squad (are we still calling them that?!): Emma Chamberlain, Ethan and Grayson Dolan and James Charles. These screenshots PM say it all. Share your fave YouTube Rewind moment in the comments below!

  • screen_shot_2018-12-06_at_3.55.43_pm.png

    Emma behind the wheel of the squad's space convertible (cherry red, no less).

  • screen_shot_2018-12-06_at_3.55.57_pm.png

    TFW you're floating in outer space but you realize you left your flat iron on...

  • screen_shot_2018-12-06_at_3.56.07_pm.png

    Who knew contouring in zero gravity would be so difficult???

  • screen_shot_2018-12-06_at_3.57.04_pm.png

    Casual, friendly roadtrip!!!

  • screen_shot_2018-12-06_at_3.56.18_pm.png

    When you realize there's no WIFI in space...

  • screen_shot_2018-12-06_at_3.56.56_pm.png

    NEED. Where do we get one of these?


by GL | 12/6/2018
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