Shawn and Camila kiss in front of his mom! Is it a do or don’t?

PDA alert! OK, we've *all* seen Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello kiss—they're lips are basically Ziploc'd throughout the entire "Seniorita" video, but in the video below, we see a new kind of smooch between the two stars. You see, this past week, Shawn was celebrating his 21st birthday with family and friends (see Camila's sweet b-day post for him here!) when the crowd decided to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Shawn's mom Karen was by his side for the serenade...until Camila rushed over to plant one right on her BF's lips. This was no quick peck either—we counted at least five seconds!

Shawn's mom was close enough to smell the lip gloss on Camila's lips when the kiss happened, and she didn't seem phased by the whole thing. Still, the question remains:

Would you feel awkward kissing in front of your crush's mom? Let us know in the comments!


by Jacqueline F. | 8/10/2019
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