10 times Asher Angel and Annie LeBlanc were *adorbs* couple goals

Annie LeBlanc and Asher Angel are becoming young Hollywood powerhouses (see: Asher in Shazam! and Annie's slew of talents, from acting to music), so we are def not surprised that they found each other. 

The pair first confirmed their relationship in May 2019, and the adorbs moments have not stopped since. Read below to see our 10 fave moments from Asher and Annie that prove they are *totes* #couplegoals!

When they dropped this hilarious blooper reel


LINK IN BIO for #onethoughtaway and check out #overit @annieleblanc

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The two were promoting music, but it quickly turned into jokes and laughter. This sweet interaction is just one of many reasons these two are perf together!

When the entire "One Thought Away" vid happened


6.6 🖤 #OTAvideo

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This was the second time the pair collaborated on a music video after Annie's "Chemistry," and Asher def admitted that "One Thought Away" is about missing Annie. Aw!

When Annie surprised Asher and he was *so* excited


They got me

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With how busy these two are, we can imagine that finding time to see each other can be tough. That is what makes moments like the one in this video at least a million times more adorable!

When they starred together (again!) in Annie's "Utopia" vid



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Can these two support each other's music for life, plz and thanks? Annie's "Utopia" was the debut of a new, mature sound, so Asher's support meant even more. He totally has her back!

When they chose *this* as their Halloween couple costume


happy halloween !!

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While some were choosing Joker and Harley Quinn and others went for Ron and Kim Possible, this couple went for Lilo and Stitch. They're both kids at heart!

When they had this adorable painting day


fun day! i love u

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We are all for trying something new, and it looks like Asher and Annie gave painting a shot. Not totally sure about the shark in the photo, but the face paint def tells us they were feeling crafty!

When they made each other laugh on camera



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This is the perf candid pic of this silly duo! Plz give us more prime Ashannie content like this sweet shot.

When they went on vacay together


first day in paradise 🌷

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Is there anything better than spending time in paradise with your fave person? Ask Asher and Annie, who look like they had the time of their lives on this beach vacay!

When Asher posted the *sweetest* compilation of their relationship


❤️ I’m lucky to be in love with my best friend

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As it turns out, Asher *also* can't get enough of this cute 'ship. Posting a clips video of your GF=the 2020 version of shouting your love from the rooftops!

When they hit their one year anniversary


hi! i like u! i’m in love with u! happy one year love ❤️

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Has it really been a year already?! Asher and Annie are totes #couplegoals, and we hope to see posts like this ~forever~ and always. 

What is your fave Asher and Annie moment? Share it with us below!


by Logan Potter | 2/17/2020
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