Lilly Ketchman is spreading good vibes as a member of the "Kind Crew"

Lilly Ketchman—better known simply as Lilly K—is focused on kindness right now and we're SO here for it. 

The Dance Moms star and YouTube phenom is working with Nickelodeon and Abercrombie Kids right now on a new project called the "Kind Crew." Together, they've launched a YouTube series and are spreading good vibes all around. 

Check out the video below to get a feel for what the Kind Crew is all about: 

We caught up with Lilly (who is home quarantining and wearing face masks like a responsible human) to talk about the new campaign and some of her own personal most memorable acts of kindness. 


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Girls' Life: Can you explain what the Kind Crew campaign is for fans who haven't heard about it yet?

Lilly Ketchman: The Abercrombie Kind Crew is a group of friends who want to spread kindness and make the world a better place. We also talk about mental health and how you can express yourself.

GL: How did you get involved with the Kind Crew campaign? 

LK: Nickelodeon reached out to me and asked if I wanted to host the episodes featuring the Kind Crew! I was so excited because I love to spread positivity and have fun at the same time!

GL: What are some of the ways you work to incorporate acts of kindness into your own daily life? 

LK: I really enjoy complimenting people at random…even people I don’t know. Sometimes just smiling at someone brightens their day because you never know what they are going through. Whenever I see that someone is sitting alone or seems like they don’t know anyone at a function, I always like to go up to them and invite them to hang out with my group. I know that if I was alone, I would want someone to do that.

GL: Can you share a memory of a time you were able to do something kind for someone that really made a difference in their life? 

LK: One of my friends used to get bullied a lot. I told her that bullies often have their own problems and knowing that can help you ignore them.  I told her that you will always have me and all your friends to protect and love you.

GL: Can you share a memory of a time when an act of kindness made a difference in your life—even if the person who was being kind didn't realize it was a big deal to you? 

LK: In the past, I was in serious situations that caused me a lot of anxiety but then somebody told me that I shouldn’t listen to what anybody says and that I am Lilly and I’m the only Lilly that is like me, even if I’m not perfect. I took that message to heart and now I am better than ever.


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GL: What are some ways that people can practice acts of kindness right now, when so many people are practicing social distancing? 

LK: Since we are all kind of stuck at home, a good way to socialize is to facetime or call your friends. This can really make their day. There are a lot of elderly people or people with illness who really shouldn’t go out, even to get groceries. Just running to the store or pharmacy for someone who needs it, is a huge act of kindness right now.

GL: What other projects do you have on the horizon that fans should look out for? 

LK: I have a couple of movies that have filmed, but haven’t come out yet! Also check out my YouTube channel for my Boredom Busters series. I am posting tons of videos with lots of ideas on how to keep yourself entertained while home!

by Kayleigh R | 4/17/2020