Demi Lovato's Camp Rock reactions are *everything* we need rn

Looking back on our younger selves can always be a cringeworthy experience. Demi Lovato would know since she took a major throwback to her Disney days this past weekend. Demi starred as Mitchie Torres alongside the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock 12 years ago (can you believe it's already been 12 years?), and she took to her Instagram stories to share her and her BF Max Ehrich's reactions to Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Their reactions were *hilarious*.

During their rewatch sesh, Demi and Max couldn't stop laughing. She captioned her stories with laugh-crying emojis, and she *definitely* acknowledged some of the more awkward moments in the movies. 

"I never realized how ridiculous this was," Demi said while watching a scene from Camp Rock 2. "We're just belting our lungs out while everyone is sleeping?"

She even burst out laughing during the scene in the second movie when Camp Star sends snacks in parachutes to Camp Rock because the parachutes reminded her of the ones used to send food to tributes in The Hunger Games.

Her boyfriend also pitched in some commentary and gave us the *best* reaction to the ending to Camp Rock 2. He reacted exactly the way all us Camp Rock fangirls did when we first watched the movie, and he even suggested making a third movie, which we *love*: 


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Demi isn't the first to have a laugh about Camp Rock. We've all heard Mitchie's "She's really good" line from the first movie as a sound on TikTok, and it's also been a TikTok trend to reenact scenes from the Camp Rock movies. Even Alyson Stoner and the Jonas Brothers hopped on this trend and recreated their most *iconic* scenes from the first movie. 


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by Erin Jeon | 7/15/2020