EXCLUSIVE! Brooklyn Queen opens up about *everything*

You heard it here first—Brooklyn Queen is the next big thing. The 15-year-old rapper (who, BTW, wrote her first song back in kindergarten) has been a viral sensation for years, with over four million subscribers across social platforms. 

Now, after releasing her latest bop "D to the NYC" with Yaya and prepping for her upcoming Christmas single, Brooklyn's ready for *major* stardom. We caught up with the so-inspiring teen about her latest music, the Goat Fam and what's next for this rising superstar. 

Girls' Life: How's your music career been lately?

Brooklyn: Lately, I've been dropping music every two weeks or every week, ever since we had the quarantine. I couldn't really go out and travel and perform like I normally would, so I've been dropping music [instead]. Even before COVID-19, I was always making music and being creative, but this year gave me even more time [for that].

The latest song I dropped, "D to the NYC" featuring Yaya, came out on November 13. I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th until someone mentioned that to me, like, "this song is scary lit *and* it comes out on Friday the 13th." I love that song so much. I made it when I was in New York. It's a rap song but you can also dance and turn up to it. I think when people listen they're going to feel a fun party vibe. 

GL: Who inspires your sound?

Brooklyn: Beyoncé, of course. Everyone loves Beyoncé. I listen to her music and I dance to it, I cry to it, I get in my feelings to it. That's what I want people to do with my music—so that's why I create in all different genres, different feelings, different ways. 

I was five when I did my first big performance. It was my school talent show, and my parents and I made up a rap and performed it. It was really big to me because, well, I was five. When I was eight, I actually went to a real studio and recorded my first real song. A few years after that I started taking music much more seriously. 

GL: Back in 2018, you starred on The Talent Show on Brat TV.

Brooklyn: That whole situation, that was so fun. I felt like I was on American Idol. That took me a step further in my career. I think it helped with acting a lot—being able to get a script the day before and learning it, then performing with other actors. It was kind of [a challenge] and it really helped me.

GL: How do you balance your career with being an everyday teen?

Brooklyn: I'm gonna be 100 percent honest, acting and music and what you see on social media *is* my everyday life. TikToks, content house with the Goat Fam, making music—that's my life. I have no free time, like at all. My family recently came out to visit me in Los Angeles because I haven't been home for about three months now. I'm keeping busy. 

GL: Is it hard to be apart from your family?

Brooklyn: I've been with my mom, so I feel like it's OK. Of course, I miss the rest of my family, but I know what I'm out here for. There are sacrifices to make, but I love doing this, and they understand that this is my dream and this is what I want to do. 

GL: What's it like working with the Goat Fam?

Brooklyn: I love the Goat Fam, it's really fun. It's like having friends...but you get to work together. You get to have a good time but at the end of the day, we still have to do what we need to do. 

GL: What's up next for you?

Brooklyn: Of course, dropping music. A lot of acting things coming soon, too. Merch dropping November 27—Black Friday. I'm actually wearing it now. And just more music. 

Image: @brooklynqueen03


by Katherine Hammer | 11/24/2020