These TikTokers moved to Hawaii together and we are *obsessed* with their vibes

We’ve all seen the content houses that took TikTok by storm over the past year and a half: from the Hype House to Sway and the Compound, it seems like *all* of our favorite creators belong to one. The only thing better than moving into a big house with all your best friends and working together 24/7 is doing that in Hawaii… which is just what these influencers did!


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At the beginning of 2021, social media creator Hannah Meloche announced that she was moving to Oahu for an undetermined amount of time. Of course, her subscribers were *living* for her reunion with friend and fellow creator Ava Jules. They didn't disappoint, and have been posting tons of vlogs and fun TikToks to their various accounts. A few weeks later, TikToker Lexi Hidalgo announced that she was moving to Hawaii as well and staying in Hannah's Airbnb with her! Rounding out the squad is Meredith Good, Hannah's video editor and close friend.  

According to a YouTube video posted in late January, Hannah said she’ll be taking all of her university courses remotely while she is in Hawaii. Lexi said she is looking forward to being able to "work hard and do good in school from somewhere [she's] never been before." 



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The friends are spending their time learning about Hawaiian culture, collabing with other local creators, supporting small businesses, and soaking up the sun! Hannah is also taking this opportunity to focus on expanding her jewelry line, Starlite Village: she even launched a *gorgeous* collab with Ava on her site featuring gold pieces with simple floral designs last week! 

The girls have had their share of once-in-a-lifetime adventures since moving in together. From learning how to surf to airbnb hopping and making the cutest content of the season, these friends are truly living the dream along the North Shore.


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Hannah, Lexi, Meredith and Ava are proof that sometimes the greatest risks lead to the most exciting memories. I mean, haven’t we *all* wanted to buy a one-way ticket to our dream destination at one point or another? While it is *so* easy to dream about living a life of adventure, actually taking the leap into the unknown can be scary. Take these friends' advice: "You are capable of anything and everything—no matter how young or old you are. You have to push, you have it make it happen for yourself and you have to believe that you can."

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by Lexi Casazza & Claire Hutto | 3/2/2021