8 things to know about young performer Reese Warren

We *heart* Reese Warren—at only 11 years old, this young performer is making *major* strides. Whether she's hosting her YouTube series The Artist's Report with Ryker Baloun, winning championships as a tap dancer or making a difference with her involvement in The Artists Project nonprofit, we love to see her shine. Keep reading for the Girls' Life lowdown on all things Reese...

1. She loves trying out new things.

"I act, sing, dance and host. I love to stretch myself as a performer and be challenged so I can grow my talents and better myself." 

2. She sees her age as an advantage.

"Being a host at my age is fun. I catch people off guard because I am small, and people are comfortable around me. I don't do as much interviewing, Ryker does that, so I get to play games, do riddles and especially make TikToks with the guests. A lot of times the guest has never made a TikTok before so it's their first time with me! The easiest part is meeting people and getting to connect with them. The hardest part is having enough time in the day to get everything done."

3. Ryker is her co-host *and* BFF.

"Ryker is one of my best friends. I would not be a co-host at TAP without him. He's the one who got me the job. We have known each other for a long time and were close before he got big. We have a great time working together and always want to put on the best show we can." 

4. She's got big role models.

"I really look up to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. They both went through hard times and had to deal with a lot of negativity toward them. They got through it and became stronger and I really respect that." 

5. Her accomplishments are amazing—and she's dreaming big.

"I'm really proud of when I became a national champion tap dancer at nine years old. The competition was really tough and to win first overall of the minis was amazing." 

6. She's got great advice about social media.

"Balancing the fact that you have a following and people want to know you and share your life with the fact that they usually *don't* know you IRL is a challenge. Love and appreciate your supporters and know that they're going to have thoughts about your life—and finding that balance is delicate. The bigger you get, the more hate you're going to get. Remembering not to listen to it is the key." 

7. And great advice about going for your goals!

"Know your worth. Love and respect yourself and put that energy to others, too. If someone isn't supporting what you do, wish them well and love them anyway...but stay focused. Eyes on the prize." 

8. We *loved* hearing about her favorite things.

"Favorite fashion trend—Anime hoodies. Favorite TV show—Stranger Things. Favorite place—Nashville, Tennessee. Fave app—TikTok!" 

Images: @thereesewarren/Instagram.

by Katherine Hammer | 3/25/2021