What your fave Ariana Grande album says about you

We all know and *love* Ariana's music. From her early days starring on Nickelodeon to now being one of the biggest pop stars in the world—Ari has always been a queen. With a discography composed of six ~amazing~ albums, it can be hard to pick a favorite. However, we all have one that sticks out—and we're here to give you *all* the deets on what your fave Ari album says about you. 

Yours Truly 

If Yours Truly is your favorite album, you're super poetic and always storytelling. You're floating down "Honeymoon Avenue" constantly and love taking hardships as an opportunity to learn. Just like Yours Truly, you're always "Daydreaminand learning lessons from all the trials you go through. 

My Everything

If My Everything is your favorite album, you are truly the sweetest and super in touch with your emotions. You always offer a shoulder to cry on and you're not afraid to be vulnerable with your besties. Just like My Everything, you're able to balance the pain of heartbreak with bouncing back better than ever.

Dangerous Woman

If Dangerous Woman is your favorite album, you are seriously miss independent. You're always owning your personal style and never stop being you. Just like Dangerous Woman, you are always you are bubbling with energy and always down for a bold look. You know that everything will "Be Alright" and you're always the life of the party. 


If Sweetener is your top Ari album—you are a risk taker. You think outside the box and are always down to try new things. Just like Sweetener, you are super upbeat but also have your laid back moments. Chances are you are a great listener and your friends always turn to you for advice. 

thank u, next

It's safe to say that thank u, next is one of Ariana's most *iconic* albums. If thank u, next is your fave—you're a fun loving person who doesn't take yourself too seriously. You're most likely a total extrovert who loves spending time with friends. Like thank u next—you can be serious yet silly, with a super charismatic personality. 


If Positions is the album you turn on first—then you are a go-getter. You know what you want and are all about manifestation. Not to mention you are super mature and your friends can always count on your loyalty. You love pop music and are *always* down for a dance party with your BFFs. 

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by Paige Mountain and Jasmine Robinson | 11/18/2021