Every single one of Taylor Swift's songs ranked by album

And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do—we are Swifties first and humans second. In honor of the queen herself's birthday, we non-definitively ranked all of Taylor's songs by album (you can thank us later.) There is no doubt in our minds that Taylor Swift *is* the music industry (Country? She's got it. Pop? She's got it. Folk/indie? She's got it...), and while we wish we could give all of her tracks the number one spot, we can't deny that some songs stole our hearts just a bit more than others. Treat yourself on Taylor's 32nd birthday to a re-listen to her entire discography. Trust us, it's totally worth it.

Bonus: How many Taylor Swift lyric references can you catch in this article?

Taylor Swift (Debut album)

14. A Perfectly Good Heart

13. Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

12. Cold As You

11. A Place In This World

10. The Outside

9. I'm Only Me When I'm With You

8. Tied Together With A Smile
Seriously, how can you listen to this song without smiling?

7. Should've Said No

6. Stay Beautiful

5. Invisible

4. Tim McGraw

3. Our Song
Look around, turn the radio down because country girl Taylor with her sweet little drawl has our whole heart.

2. Teardrops On My Guitar

1. Picture To Burn
Yup Taylor, burn all those pictures. What more fiery a way to mark the beginnings of one of the greatest music careers of all time than with smokey eyes and epic guitar performances on a blazing stage? R.I.P. to the pickup truck.

Fearless (Taylor's Version)

25. Bye Bye Baby (From The Vault) 

24. Don't You (From The Vault)

23. Jump Then Fall

22. Superstar

21. That's When (From The Vault) 

20. We Were Happy (From The Bault) 

19. Today Was A Fairytale

18. Tell Me Why

17. Breathe

16. The Other Side Of The Door

15. Change

14. You're Not Sorry

13. Come In With The Rain

12. The Best Day

11. Untouchable

10. Fifteen 
Are you really fifteen if you didn't sing your hairbrush to death with this song? Shoutout to all the redheaded Abigails out there—you *are* the main character.

9. You All Over Me (From The Vault) 

8. Love Story 
Did someone call for nostalgia? We've been obsessed with the Romeo and Juliet romance of this song for years, but Taylor dedicating the Taylor's Version lyric video to her fans is the *only* love story we want to hear from now on. 

7. Hey Stephen

6. Fearless 
So many sweet, romantic songs on this album—Taylor is really feeding us hopeless romantics marvelously.

5. White Horse

4. Forever & Always

3. You Belong With Me

2. Mr. Perfectly Fine (From The Vault) 
We love nothing more than listening to Taylor tell off her exes to an upbeat tune because let's be honest: everything really does revolve around her. Our only complaint? That this song was in the vault for 13 years. 

1. The Way I Loved You
The perfect song for screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain...checking all the angsty romance boxes rn. This song gives us such a rollercoaster kind of rush, and we wouldn't want to get undone any other way. 


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♬ original sound - Taylor Swift

Speak Now

17. Superman

16. If This Was A Movie

15. Innocent

14. Never Grow Up

13. Long Live

12. Mine

11. Ours 
Don't you worry your pretty little mind. Just listen to this understated heartwarmer.

10. Better Than Revenge 

9. Speak Now

8. Mean 
This may not be our *favorite* song on the album, but we can't thank this slightly vengeful country tune enough for getting us through every mean friend drama when we were growing up. 

7. Sparks Fly

6. The Story Of Us
Taylor dramatically singing and dancing along library shelves is the type of energy we are channeling in the new year.

5. Last Kiss

4. Haunted

3. Enchanted 
As one of Taylor's most dreamy and swoon-worthy songs, it's no surprise this banger has recently returned to TikTok fame. BRB, getting in the shower with our clothes on to scream the lyrics to this song. 

2. Dear John 

1. Back To December 
Knock knock, it's your daily cry session calling. If you're not tacking this on all your sad playlists, you're seriously missing out on the quintessential winter heartbreak experience.

Red (Taylor's Version)

28. Run (From The Vault)

27. Starlight 

23. The Last Time

25. Better Man (From The Vault)

24. I Knew You Were Trouble

23. Girl At Home

22. Holy Ground 
Highly recommend this one for frolicking through the fields or the woods.

21. The Moment I Knew

20. Babe (From The Vault)

19. 22 
As we get ready for the new year, we're definitely feeling (20)22. You know— happy, free, confused and lonely, in the best way.

18. Stay Stay Stay

17. I Almost Do

16. Everything Has Changed

15. Message In A Bottle (From The Vault)

14. Forever Winter (From The Vault)

13. Begin Again 

12. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 

Like, *ever.*

11. Sad Beautiful Tragic

10. I Bet You Think About Me (From The Vault)
Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are actual BFF goals, and this music video only serves to prove that in the best possible way.

9. The Very First Night (From The Vault) 
This song feels like skipping and twirling through the park with headphones on, full volume. Just a super cute, fun song to listen to while scribbling notes on polaroid pictures for that special someone.

8. Come Back...Be Here

7. Nothing New (From The Vault) 
For all the girls filled with the kind of radiance you only have at 17 and all the swifties and pharbz who are nostalgic for moments that haven't even happened yet...we feel you. 

6. Red

5. Treacherous

4. The Lucky One

3. All Too Well

2. State Of Grace

1. All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (From The Vault) 
We're sure no one's surprised this song is our number one favorite from Red (TV). The 10-minute version of one of our fave Taylor breakup songs is everything we needed for sad girl autumn. Now, time to see if the short film can be nominated for an Oscar...


16. Bad Blood 
The music video was a total cultural reset—all the girl squad goals you'll ever need.

15. I Wish You Would

14. How You Get The Girl

13. This Love

12. Welcome To New York

11. Shake It Off 
Hey hey hey! Taylor truly outdid herself with her pop music debut, and this song deserved *every* minute of radio time it got in 2014. 

10. You Are In Love

9. Blank Space

8. Clean

7. Wonderland

6. All You Had To Do Was Stay

5. Wildest Dreams 
It's giving hushed conversations in the limo before pulling up to the Hollywood red carpet in head-to-toe type of glam.

4. Style 

3. I Know Places

2. New Romantics 
Possibly one of the most underrated 1989 songs, this track can be found on the deluxe version of the album, giving us instant serotonin with every listen. 

1. Out Of The Woods
It's hard to pick a favorite out of an album of showstopping hit after showstopping hit, but the wondrous lyricism ("the monsters turned out to be just trees...") and transcendent bridge might of this song just bumps it to number one.


15. End Game

14. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

13. Call It What You Want

12. Delicate

11. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

10. So It Goes...

9. ...Ready For It

8. Look What You Made Me Do
"I'm sorry the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" plays on an endless loop in our heads. This track truly encompasses the gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss vibes of the entire Reputation album. 

7. Gorgeous

6. King Of My Heart

5. I Did Something Bad

4. Don't Blame Me

3. New Year's Day 
It's no surprise the piano intro to this song is featured on one of Olivia Rodrigo's songs
—the calming and gorgeous notes and lyrics of this song are close to our hearts. 

2. Dress

1. Getaway Car 
Windows down and volume up for the *ultimate* hair-whipping-in-the-wind-bright-lights-and-fun-nights-car-ride song.


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♬ Lovee made me crazy - elyxedits


18. ME! 
This song set the tone for the entire soft pastel aesthetic of Lover. It's a catchy self love anthem we'll be putting on our hype-up playlists for years to come. 

17. Soon You'll Get Better

16. It's Nice To Have A Friend

15. I Forgot That You Existed

14. Cornelia Street

13. You Need To Calm Down

12. I Think He Knows

11. Daylight 
Okay, but that lyrical parallel to love not being burning red, but golden? Gets us every. single. time.

10. The Man
No doubt about it—Taylor Swift *is* the man.

9. The Archer

8. False God

7. London Boy

6. Afterglow

5. Death By A Thousand Cuts

4. Lover

3. Paper Rings 
We can all thank Taylor for being there for us in times of heartbreak, tears and teen anguish, but let's not forget about the bright, playful moments either. In fact, send this song to a friend (or crush!) that you would totally wear paper rings with.

2. Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince

1. Cruel Summer 
Every Taylor song could be a summer anthem, but "Cruel Summer" really takes the cake with its happy-go-lucky vibe. We love this song! Ain't that the worst thing you've ever heard? 


17. hoax

16. exile

15. mad woman

14. epiphany

13. the 1

12. peace

11. invisible string

10. the last great american dynasty

9. betty 
The Betty-James-Augustine love triangle perfectly illuminated Taylor's storytelling talents all while creating the Taylor Cinematic Universe. Name something more iconic—we'll wait.

8. mirrorball 

7. seven

6. this is me trying

5. my tears ricochet 
We unapologetically let our own tears ricochet every time we listen to this track. It's soulful and raw, and we find new things to love about the lyrics every time. 

4. illicit affairs

3. cardigan
"You drew stars around my scars, but now I'm bleeding." That's all. That's it.

2. august

1. the lakes 
Taylor understood the dark academia assignment with this one. We're still forever wishing we could drop everything and move to a lake to write poetry all day. 


17. closure

16. long story short

15. it's time to go

14. dorothea

13. marjorie

12. happiness

11. cowboy like me 
Two con artists falling in love? Yes, please.

10. willow

9. coney island

8. evermore

7. no body, no crime
We don't feel bad admitting we spent a little too much time reading the theories that this song was about Taylor and Harry Styles committing a crime together. Even if they didn't, "no body, no crime" is a murder mystery packed into a song, and we can only applaud Taylor's genius. 

6.  tolerate it

5. right where you left me

4. ivy

3. 'tis the damn season
It really is.

2. gold rush 
Though we may spend 80% of this album crying to the heartfelt lyrics, "gold rush" has a steady beat and sparkling aura that makes it a perfect song for romanticizing our lives on car rides. 

1. champagne problems 
Is it really fall if you don't have this song on repeat 24/7? We don't think so. 

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