EXCLUSIVE! Gen Z superstar Dai Time is taking the world by storm

Whether you're a new fan or a tried-and-true subscriber to her mega-popular Snapchat talk show, we're here to shine a light on Dai Time, the social media superstar you *definitely* should have on your radar. As a media correspondant, author and actress, this 16-year-old influencer (and second semester college freshman, nbd) is making major waves across all platforms—and we're sooo here for it. We sat down to chat with Dai about current projects, future plans and the best way to find your passion. Scroll for a mega dose of inspo, but be warned: her positivity and bubbly energy are srsly contagious. 

Girls' Life: Tell us a little bit about your Snapchat talk show, It's Dai Time.
Dai: Having a talk show had always been my dream. I chose to base my show around me and my life, and the things that my friends and I are already talking about. It's a pop culture show, but it also focuses on things that are actually important to Gen Z teens.

GL: What was your experience like being on the set of Attaway General?
I was *super* excited to be on Attaway General because I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan. The whole cast—even production—were so nice. If I could do it again, I would. I don't know if acting full-time is on my horizon, but I just think it's fun to try something new from time to time. 

GL: You've interviewed *tons* of our fave celebs. Have you had a favorite interview so far? Is there anyone you're dying to meet?
Interviewing is definitely my first love. I started being a media correspondent at the age of nine or ten, and my favorite thing at the time was just being on the red carpet, flagging down celebrities and hearing what they had to say. I love all my interviews, mainly just for the reason that you can ask the same question to fifty people and get fifty different answers. In the future, I'd love to interview Beyoncé or Ellen DeGeneres—because who's interviewed Ellen before?

GL: And, you have a magazine. Tell us about that.
My goal for Dai Time Magazine is to give another platform to young readers. I want people my age to pick up the magazine and feel inspired, so I feature chefs, dancers, book authors, dancers...For every career, I find a child or teen who's doing it. It's hard to find somebody your age that you can look up to, so I really want to help my readers find their person. A lot of young people think that you have to wait until you're an adult to follow your dreams but, tbh, why not do it now? 

GL: What advice do you have for girls who are figuring out what their passions are?
Do you. Just because my favorite color is pink, doesn't mean yours has to be pink. Yours can be baby blue, or green or purple. Don't worry about what other people have to say about it, because I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people who hate pink. But is that going to stop me from wearing my favorite color? No. 

GL: Amaze advice. Last but not least, who are your style icons?
I feel like I should find some style icons, but I don't really have any! I just put together a random Pinterest board and, depending on my mood, I throw something together. Some days, I'll put on three different outfits and end up going with the fourth. But I love experimenting with my hair, my clothes, my makeup. And I'm *dying* to try the new pink concealer trend. Concealer is my favorite makeup product in the whole world, besides clear lip gloss.

Dai's fast faves:
Starbucks drink:
"Iced black tea with lemonade and peach juice. That peach juice is a life-changer."

Song of the summer:
"Sweetest Pie" by Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion

School subject:
"Definitely math. I could just sit and write pre-calculus notes all day."

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Photo credit: Marie La Franque | Parts of this interview have been edited or condensed for clarity.


by Lena Genovese | 5/17/2022