EXCLUSIVE! Tinie T is the young rapper you *need* to know

Is it possible to be more obsessed with Tinie T?! The rapper, dancer and singer is only 11—and as a social media star and member of XOMG POP!, she's already accomplished a ton (and is absolutely hilarious, BTW). Read on to discover Tinie T's deepest thoughts, from how she breaks out of her comfort zone to making memories with her star-powered girl group...

On going from rapping to singing:

"I've been rapping since I was five. I would go home and just jam out to music and when my mom noticed that it was, like, an actual talent, she took me to a studio and that's how I got started on this journey. Rapping was just natural, but singing was harder because it was out of my comfort zone. It took a lot of hard work and practice but it paid off. I like to be in the mindset of, like, 'you can do this,' I had to be calm and focused and just get in the zone." 

On her biggest role model:

"Obviously JoJo Siwa. She's an amazing person to be around and she doesn't change for anybody. Whenever we'd get to the end of the dance and be exhausted, she'll be like, 'Come on, one more time!'—she knows there's always a bit of that fire left in you and you can use it. And she's taught us to always be kind and respectful to others." 

On her favorite memories with XOMG POP!:

"Being on the plane together. That's where we get to just be kids and just like talk about movies and what we're going to eat for dinner and stuff. But it's also amazing to tour and fly places because we get to see the crowd that JoJo sees. It's so cool to have so many people in the arena and actually have a crowd that responds back." 

On social media:

"The best thing about social media is that you never know what opportunity you're going to get. You could be chilling at home watching Spider-Man and eating chips and the next day you're getting a call that, I don't know, you [could be in] a movie! And we have so many good supporters and so many people who care about us." 

On her personal style:

"Definitely not girly, but not total tomboy. I'm like sporty, in-between. I could wear a T-shirt or jeans with rhinestones on them. Or I'll wear a jacket but it has sequins. So I always find a way to make it pop star-y but still stay in my cool zone." 

On her most amaze advice:

"The kindness you put out in the world will always find a way of coming back to you." 

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by Katherine Hammer | 9/23/2022