EXCLUSIVE! We're sooo here for singer Lilo Baier's new music

One thing you need to know about us here at GL? We're super fans of the totally talented Lilo Baier. From hits like "More Than Friends" and "Boys Like You" to upcoming on-screen appearances (peep her as Taylor in the LOVE XO mini series Class of 1970), this young star is making her mark on the entertainment industry one role at a time. Keep scrolling for five fast facts about this amaze actress-slash-singer.

1. She's still finding her sound.

Lilo's new music has her signature sweetness, but fans can expect something a little different from her two new tracks. "My first EP had songs that were more childlike, so I wanted to try something new and talk about relationships. I was writing from my friends' experiences, and just about, like, teen relationships in general." And while perfecting her craft is no easy experience, Lilo says she loved every minute in the studio. 

2. Lilo loves a good jam sesh.

When she's not recording new music, Lilo loves listening to ballads. "I think, for the past year, I've really just been listening to sad music," she shares. "That's my favorite kind of music to listen to, just because they're all so easy to sing along to. I listen to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, but I also like pop." (Us too, us too.)

3. She's got a seriously cool secret skill.

Did you know that Lilo's bilingual? "My parents and I are Austrian, so I grew up just speaking German at home until I went to school." Now, Lilo's eager to tackle Spanish, one class at a time.

4. She's all about making a difference.

Lilo's got *lots* of projects in the work, but her number one goal is to give back. "Growing up, my performance coach—my mentor, really—battled cancer twice. She's doing great now, but she basically started my career," Lilo explains. "So I think I'd like to focus on helping women's or children's cancer charities."

5. Lilo was *born* to perform.

Her fave part of performing? "That feeling you get on stage. There's this whole energy that rushes through my body," she gushes. "It kind of just makes me feel alive, and whether that's being on stage or, you know, being in front of a camera, it's the one thing that I truly love in this world. I just want to keep doing it forever."

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by Lena Genovese | 3/22/2023