Get to Know Twilight’s Christian Serratos

You’ve seen her on Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Hannah Montana. But these days she’s lighting up the big screen as Angela, Bella’s BFF, in Twilight. It’s the first major big screen project for Christian, who started out modeling and quickly discovered that acting was her passion. There’s no doubt that she’s talented. But did you know that she’s also hilarious? GL shared some laughs with Christian when we spoke to her about why she loves books, pups and Gilligan’s Island. Here are five things you need to know about this Twilight star!

1. She loves the Twilight book series.

“I started reading and I could not put the book down for the life of me. I completely lost track of my own life because I was so into the books. I read them back-to-back and finished Eclipse and I was so bummed that I would have to wait so long for Breaking Dawn.”

2.She’s a triple threat!

“I started ballet, tap and jazz when I was really little. You know how the little girl wants to put on the tutu and do ballet. So I did that, and the singing, I’d love to start up with that again. And acting kind of fell into my lap, and I ended up absolutely loving it.”

3. She hearts puppies.

Christian’s family has Gigi and two of Gigi’s puppies. “My dogs are too intelligent for me. I cannot handle it. I put on my shoes, and they freak out. They’ll bark and go crazy. I can’t pick up a necklace because they’ll think it’s the keys because of the way it sounds. They go crazy. You do not pick up the keys unless you want the cavalry to come in. It’s bad. If my mom and I are getting ready to go, I have to stay in my room and be like, ‘Mom, are you ready?’ We have to bolt out. They own our house.”

4. She’s competitive.

“I absolutely do not have the skills for Guitar Hero, but don’t even think I’m not going to talk trash when I play. Even when I’m losing, I will continue to talk trash. Every time my friend Brittany and I pick up Guitar Hero, I’m like, ‘Are you ready to go down again?’ And she just laughs because she knows she will kick my butt. I’m on medium right now, but I pass just barely by the skin of my teeth.”

5. She’s very observant.

“This is my question for the universe about Gilligan’s Island (the old-school TV show). Why, if they were only going on a three-hour tour, did the millionaire and his wife bring so much luggage? No one else brought luggage, no one else brought a change of clothes or a toothbrush for a three-hour tour. I would like to know what happened in the brain of the millionaire and his wife.”


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11/21/2008 10:19:00 AM