SPOTLIGHT: Jennette McCurdy


Get the 411 on iCarly's Jennette McCurdy! Check out her celebrity crush, her cool converse collection and more!

GL: Tell us a little bit about iCarly. Your character. Are you anything like your character in real-life?

Jenette McCurdy: iCarly's a show about kids who run a webshow together. Sam is the toughest, fiestiest, most adventurous, and craziest of the bunch. I'm like Sam in a few ways...I'd say I'm pretty adventurous and I've also got a bit of toughness in me. We're really different in a few ways, too...Sam can be very lazy, and I constantly have to be doing something! Also, Sam hates school and has no interest in learning. I love the opportunity to learn something new! Sam and I both like food, although I think Sam enjoys more of the eating aspect and I enjoy more of the cooking aspect!

GL: What’s it like on set? Have any onset embarrassing moments? Working with Nathan and Miranda?

JM: I have a blast on set. It's great working with the awesome crew! There are so many great folks behind-the-scenes that no one really knows about...Jana, Jacob, Tyler, Rick, and Paul are all like big brothers and sisters to me! As for embarrassing moments, I've had about a bajillion, but probably my most embarrassing one was when I toppled down the stairs in the lot during the middle of a big scene! I just slid all the way down the first flight of stairs and knocked down a bunch of stuff as I went!

GL: Who are some of your fav actresses? Role models?

JM: I LOVE Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon. I think that they're both phenomenal actresses! My role model is defnitely my mom...there's no one like her!

GL: Do you have a celebrity crush?

JM: Johnny Depp!!!!!

jennette1.jpgGL: Give us the deets on a day in the life of J.

JM: On a typical Friday, my mom will wake me up around 7:00am (later than Mon. - Wed. cuz we only rehearse on those days...I have to get up at 5:00am then!!!) with a mug of hot cocoa or a piece of wheat toast! I'll work on some homework on the way up to the studio (which is quite far from my house). After getting my wardrobe, hair, and makeup done, I go straight to filming! I film, film, and film some more until lunch, which is usually at about 2:15pm. I have a half hour lunch, then I squeeze in about an hour of school before filming some more. I'll get off work at about 7:00pm and do more schoolwork on the way home. My mom makes a great dinner when we get home, then she drives me over to an ice rink from 9:30-11:30pm, where I do an hour of figure skating and an hour of ice hockey. After that, I'm pretty tired. I head straight to bed when I get home!

GL: Your resume is INSANE at such a young age?! How’d you get into acting? Is it true that you were inspired to go into acting watching Harrison Ford on Star Wars? Haha!

JM: Well thanks!!! I've worked very hard for a long time to build up my resume. And's true! I was inspired to go into acting after watching Harrison Ford in Star Wars!

GL: What’s it like being the only and youngest girl to THREE brothers? Are you a huge tomboy?

JM: I love being the youngest AND only girl in the family. My three older brothers are awesome! They're fun, supportive, and hilarious. Oh yeah, I'm definitely a tomboy! I love sports, hate dresses, don't own a single pair of high-heels, am not a fan of makeup, and I'm not afraid to get messy!

GL: Do you have any pets?

JM: I have two dogs... a jack-russell terrier named Musashi (which is Japanese for brave warrior!!) and a Morky (half Yorkshire Terrier/half Maltese) named Chewbacca! I also have two little turtles named Tootsen and Zeus.

GL: I heard through the grapevine that you collect hats. How many do you have? What’s your fixation with ‘em?

JM: I have a lot of hats, but the amount that I have probably can't qualify as a collection. But I DO collect Converse All-Stars and thimbles!

GL: I read that you do Karate in your spare time. Have you ever gotten a chance to kick some serious bum in real-life?

JM: Well, in karate class, you do this thing called sparring, which is where you improvise battle moves against a partner. So that accounts for some bum kicking! As for real life, I haven't had to whip out any moves...yet!

GL: Any other hobbies?

JM: I LOVE reading and writing. I write a 32-page monthly magazine called Original Girl! I'm really into cooking and baking, too. Also, I'm an avid figure skater, I'm on an ice hockey league, and I enjoy singing. Of course, watching movies or TV shows always fits time into my schedule!

GL: What’s next? Can you give us a sneak peek into your new flick?

JM: Proving Ground is a family film about two girls who battle each outer space! It's kind of like Star Wars with kids!

GL: Sounds perfect since your passion for acting sprang from seeing Star Wars! Thanks for hanging out with us Jennette!

11/11/2007 4:54:00 PM