My Hollywood Crush

OK, so I admit that about half the reason why I tune into The Office every Thursday night is for my weekly fix of office cutie, Jim Halpert. I've had the HUGEST crush on Jim since season one and, hands off ladies, he's my fake BF! (just don't tell my real one...).

Not only is he totally adorbs and super funny, but he's also someone that you could absolutely bring home to Mom and Pops. With his charming personality and hilarious one-liners, you know they'd fall head-over-heels in love with him, too!

With season five coming to a close this week, I somehow managed to become even more crazy for Jim. After seeing his reaction when SPOILER ALERT! he found out Pam was preggers, I couldn't help having tons o’ butterflies in my stomach and an "aww" escape from my lips!

While I wish The Office never had a vacay from new episodes, the reruns will satisfy my Jim craving during the dog days of summer! So who's your TV or movie crush?! Let me know!


by Katy John | 2/1/2016