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Shocking Stats

How easy do you think it is to get your paws on a pack of cigarettes? According to The New York Times, that's the question researchers are asking to see how likely it is for a 6th grader to smoke when they get a li’l older.

The study showed that kids that answer with an “OMG! It would be a breeze!” are tons more likely to pick up the unhealthy habit when they hit high school than those that thought it might be a little trickier to snag a cig. And if their besties are lighting up, they are tons more likely to start puffing away, too.

Researchers interviewed 1,195 peeps in the 6th grade and then had follow-up interviews to see if anyone had become addicted after a few years had gone by. And here’s the real shocker: at the beginning of the research, 168 students said that they had already smoked at least one cigarette while they were 11-years-old or younger.

Sure enough, those that thought getting a hold of the nicotine rolls were easy as pie were the ones that started smoking on a regular basis. And what made things even worse is that 1/3 of the kids that were interviewed knew of stores that would sell cigarettes to minors…which is totally illegal!

But with all the risks that smoking brings (such as lung cancer, heart disease and attacks), it’s clear to see that being healthy is the way to go and making bad choices for your bod isn’t. So def don’t light up.

by Aubrey Tippett | 2/1/2016