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Lush made a fidget spinner bubble bar and we're freaking out

No, you're not reading that wrong. Lush actually made a fidget spinner bubble bar.

The company that lets us soak all of our worries away in sparkly, pigmented bath water is back at it again with the Bubble Spinner! The brand announced the product—a combo of three rotating and reusable bath bombs—via an Instagram video on their Lush Kitchen account just hours before it was released to the world on July 31. They sold out *right* away and, honestly, we're not shocked!

The Bubble Spinner is meant to be held under running water to create the bubbles and gives off gorgeous scents of lemon and lime. (Check out this video to see one in action.) The kicker? Right now, these are only available in the UK. But because Lush is Lush (aka: oh-so amazing), we're crossing our fingers that this product will make its way stateside so that we can purchase it ourselves.

What do you think of the Bubble Spinner? Would you use one in your bath? Let us know below!

by Sydney Adamson | 8/6/2017
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