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This hairdresser did the sweetest thing for a teen

With kids across the country slowly starting to head back to school, picture day is creeping up on *everyone*. It's a day that some people love, some people hate and a few people legitimately dread. But one hairdresser tried to turn it around for an anonymous Iowa teen.

Hairdresser Kelsey Olsson said that a teenage girl who suffers from depression came into the salon with completely matted and tangled hair and asked for all of her hair to be cut off. She wanted to have shorter hair, or maybe even a shaved head, because she couldn't deal with it anymore. She told Kelsey that she'd been battling depression for years, and wasn't able to brush her own hair anymore. She felt worthless.

Kelsey clearly saw this as a moment to make change in this girl's life, so she spent two whole days transforming the teen's hair into a gorgeous new cut. She said in a Facebook post that she was completely heartbroken to hear the girl's story.

Kelsey started with this head of hair...

...and cut and styled it into this!

Kelsey also took the opportunity to speak out about mental health in her Facebook post. She told parents to not blow off their kids' illnesses, because they need help and can't deal with it alone.

The best part? Her client was super happy with her transformation! She left the hairdresser with a smile on her face and told Kelsey, "I will actually smile for my schools pictures today. You made me feel like me again."

How can you help others who are suffering from depression? Sound off in the comments!

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by Aly Prouty | 8/18/2017
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