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These boys protested a dress code in the best way possible

Imagine this: your perfect, Insta-worthy outfit that you planned a week before school gets you sent home on the first day of school. That’s exactly what happened to around 50 girls on Aug. 14 at San Benito High School in Hollister, Calif. The administrative office found them all guilty of violating the school’s dress code for wearing off-the-shoulder shirts. 

The boys of San Benito were just as outraged as the girls and decided to protest the school’s dress code by taking action. To stand up for their female peers, the boys made a political statement of the shirts by proudly wearing them to school.

The students even posted the boys' off-the-shoulder looks to Twitter. One student tweeted the pic above with the caption "I'm not changing."

Despite that off-the-shoulder shirts have been prohibited in the dress code for several years, the administration decided to begin enforcing the guideline this school year. Students were very confused about the school strictly enforcing the code, considering the fact that the female students wore off-the-shoulder shirts in their senior portraits just the year before.

Here’s what the school's Principal Adrian Ramirez said in response to the protest, from a statement provided to Yahoo:

“Students are saying that they were hearing that the reason [strapless and off-the-shoulder shirts] are not allowed is that it distracted the boys and that’s definitely not it at all. And they felt offended by that, and I completely agree that, if that was our stance, I would be offended too. Part of my job is to clarify the why behind the dress code. Whether you are a male or female student, it’s your own responsibility not to be distracted, regardless of your gender.”

How do you girls think about your school’s dress code? Would your best guy friends protest like the boys of SBHS? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Shareably.


by Katlyn Pierre | 8/31/2017
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