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The Invisible Box challenge: what it is and our fave funny attempts

By now, you might've seen this video of Ariel Olivar, a high schooler from Texas, floating around the internet. And when you watched it, you probably thought, "WHAT IS THIS DARK MAGIC SHE'S PRACTICING?!" Because, uh, same.

Though Ariel didn't start this trend (another athlete did back in August), she essentially challenged the entire Twitter-verse to attempt what everyone is now calling the "Invisible Box Challenge." Water bottle flippers, this is your time to shine once again!

From the good to the bad to the just plain funny, everyone is sharing vids of them taking on the challenge, including some of our fave celebs. 

Justin Bieber attempted the challenge on his Instagram a few days ago, and so did internet king, Logan Paul.

We saw the Knight Squad crew attempt it on set a few weeks ago (Daniella Perkins did pretty well!), and even Madisyn Shipman and Cree Cicchino gave it a try. 

It's become so popular that The Fine Brothers rounded up a crew of YouTubers like Jess and Gabe Conte, Grace Helbig, The Try Guys and more to react to it!

We are totally LaurDIY in this video, justsayin'

What do you think of the Invisible Box Challenge? Is it stupid or silly fun? Have you attempted it? Sound off below!

by Sydney Adamson | 12/20/2017
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